One Piece 1085 Spoilers: Imu D Judas Reveals The Biggest Secret Behind The D Family

The chapter is titled “Nefertari Cobra Dies”. 

One Piece 1085 spoilers Imu D
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The early spoilers for One Piece chapter 1085 are here, and it comes with some major shocking reveals!

From the truth about the lineage of the royal family of Arabasta to Imu, even the early spoilers have a lot to offer!

One Piece 1085 Spoilers:

According to the spoilers, the chapter is titled “Nefertari Cobra Dies”.

The chapter continues Im’s conversation with Cobra. Im says, “I have two things to tell you and one question to ask, Cobra.”

Cobra is still shocked at what he sees. Im speaks in the third person and refers to himself as Mu.

Cobra then says that he knows Im’s name; he then recalls something about the first 20 but gets interrupted by Im.

Im silence Cobra and tell him that he won’t answer anything he asks but will tell him a few things.

Then the one sitting on the throne says, “First, “D” are the people who were our enemies in the past.”

Im continues by implying that Lily is responsible for the scholars attempts to learn about the void century and pirates attempts to find poneglyphs.

Im says, “If she didn’t make a mistake on that day, the poneglyphs wouldn’t have spread throughout the world.

However, there is no one scenario that I suspected.

Maybe the Ponepglyphs were not spread throughout the world by mistake but by a deliberate plan.”

As Im speaks, the Five Elders draw their guns and point at Cobra.

Im believe that the answer to that lies in the letter left by Lily, and asks for the actual name of the sender written.

Cobra asks about his fate, and one of the elders replies that it was decided the moment he saw Im.

Cobra then replies to Im’s question, revealing that the name was Nefertari D. Lily.

Hearing this, a black shadow appears and stabs Cobra’s abdomen.

Sabo, who was hiding behind the pillar, reveals himself and shoots fire at Im. However, Im transforms into a huge creature with a huge mouth and sharp teeth and swallows the fire.

Though the actual form is not clear, only silhouettes are visible.

Im climbed down the throw as five elders transformed into big creatures; again, only silhouettes were visible.

One of them looks like a bird, similar to Morgans, the other one looks like an elephant; and the other is like a demon, or Oni.

Floating can also be seen around one of them. These clouds look similar to Luffy’s gear five.

The last has a big solhopuette; it is difficult to describe the silhoutte.

Sabo grabs Cobra and tries to escape, and Im try to catch them.

Cobra asks Soba to inform Lily and Luffy that they are both from the D. family.

In a little flashback, Sabo remembers that he once commented on the coincidence of both Ace and Luffy having D in their names.

Ace then replies by adding D to Sabo’s name, making it Sa D. Bo!

Back in the present, both Nefetari and Sabo are stabbed, and Nefetari starts to recite the letter.

He starts by saying, “…Protect the Poneglyph…” The next gets muffled by one of the elders’ roars, and the final part of the letter says, ” …raise the flag of dawn to the world.”

As Im attacks, Cobra defends Sabo with his body, letting Sabo escape Imu. Then the scene cuts, and Cobra is shown dead on the floor.

Wapol sees it all through a hole in the wall. Imu notices him, and Wapol panics and starts eating walls to run away.

After this, it is announced that Nefetari Cobra and Wapol won’t be joining the meeting.

The scene then cuts to CP0, where they are in another room and Vivi has been captured by them. In the room, Lucci, Jabra, Kalifa, and other CP0 members are present.

Jabra recaps everything happening in Maries Geoise. After defeating Charlos, Loe and Sai announce that they are pirates under the Star Hats crew flag.

Fujitora had allowed slaves to escape, and Ryokugyu is yelling at him. Suddenly, Wapol enters the room where Vivi is. As CP0 gets distracted, Vivi grabs Wapol and escapes.

Wapol’s wife, Kiderella, sees Wapol and Vivi running together and is shocked.

Vivi asks Wapiol where he is going, and he replies, “I will run to the end of the world, where nobody can find me.”

Vivi asks her to take her with him, and Kinderella says, “They are running away together!”

Chapter ends, no break next week!

You can read the chapter when it officially comes out on Viz Media’s official website.