One Piece 1084 Spoilers: Im-Sama’s Past Revealed?

Nefatari Cobra meets Im-sama!

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The spoiler for One Piece chapter 1084 is out and it sheds light on Shirahoshi’s kidnapping and Cobra’s conversation with Gorousei.

Disclaimer: Please take spoilers with a grain of salt.

One Piece Chapter 1084 Spoilers:

According to spoilers, the chapter is titled “Attempted Murder of Celestial Dragon” and features colour-spread One Piece female characters.

The chapter starts with Sabo fighting at the Holy Land of Mary Geoise, where he meets Bonney.

We then see the commander of West Amry of the Revolutionary Army, Karasu’s Crow, bring a bunch of keys to Sabo and Bonney.

Sabo then senses people chasing them; he takes Bonny and hides.

The scene then cuts to Cobra and Gorousei, who are currently in front of the empty throne.

Cobra and Gorousei are discussing Queen Lily of Alabasta, who went missing after leaving the country.

Queen Lily was the Queen of Alabasta when the World Government was formed and was also one of its 20 founders. She refused to become a celestial dragon.

Cobra wants to know what happened to her after she left the country, but Gorousei replies that they are also not aware of her fate after it.

The scene then focuses on Celestial Dragon Charlos, who is currently trying to capture Shirahoshi.

Celestial Dragon Charlos is the celestial dragon who took a punch from Luffy in Sabody.

The fishmen, led by Shirahoshi’s brother Fukaboshi, then try to rescue her, but on Charlos’ order, Kuma fires a beam, defeating Fukaboshi and his men.

Don Sai and Leo see what’s happening and jump on Charlos, defeating him and rescuing Shirahoshi.

The Commander of the West Army of the Revolutionary Army, Morley, uses this chance to free Kuma.

Back in the throne room, Im-sama appears, and Cobra seems scared of Im. Im walks up the stairs, sits on the empty throne, and says, “Lily…”.

The chapter ends with Im on the throne, which is supposed to be empty.

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