One Piece 1083 Spoilers: Is Shank’s Dad Imu’s Right Hand Man?

The Revolutionary Army takes on the World Government as well.

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The spoilers for One Piece chapter 1083 are out, and it sheds light on Sabo and the Revolutionary Army’s situation, along with the state of the Nefataries.

However, the most interesting part is about Shanks!

Disclaimer: Please take spoilers with a grain of salt. These spoilers are not confirmed by popular leaker “Redon”, and are from Twitter user @OP_SPOILERS2023. 

One Piece Chapter 1083 Spoilers:

The chapter starts with Sabo, Monkey D. Dragon, and Emporio, where Sabo talks about everything that happened in the reverie.

This leads us to a flashback. We also get information about the eight kingdoms that oppose the World Government. Their main issue stems from what happened to the Kingdom of Lulusia.

The eight countries refused to pay taxes to the World Government, which leads the latter to send the Holy Knights to deal with the issue.

It was also mentioned that the number of the Holy Knights is 9.

Sabo, Karasu, Morley, and Lindbergh also square up against Admirals Aramaki and Isshu.

According to the spoilers, Karasu shoots crows at Isshu and Morley manages to stab Aramaki. The CP0 intervenes in the battle, and they are in possession of Nefatari Vivi too.

In the chapter, Sabo also states that their main mission has been accomplished.

This is because they were able to declare war against the World Government by burning their flag and freeing Bartholomew Kuma.

Monkey D. Dragon chimes in, saying that the real war has only just begun, due to the Holy Knights’ actions. He further adds that the revolutionary army has already destroyed supply ships that were headed for Marijoeia.

The spoilers then state that the chapter shows a newspaper, in which Sabo is standing next to a dead Nefatari Cobra. Apparently, the newspaper also states that Sabo killed Cobra.

The scene then shifts to the real Cobra heading to meet Gorosei. He also asks Pill and Chaka, the guards of Arabasta to take care of Princess Vivi.

In the chapter, there was another interesting bit that caught the fans’ eyes. One of the Holy Knights, specifically the one in the middle looks eerily similar to Shanks.

This character has the same robe, the sword, and the way of keeping it too!

Many people are believing that this is Shank’s father, explaining why Shanks was abandoned as a child and the reasoning behind his unfathomable strength!

This concludes the spoilers so far. Make sure to keep checking the website for updates!