One Piece 1079 Reveals Shanks Unleashing Divine Departure On The Kid Pirates!

Shanks reminds his crew about Eustass Kid’s massive bounty of three billion Beri and fights him head-on!

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The full spoilers forĀ One PieceĀ chapter 1079 are here, and while they’re relatively short, it has completely shocked all the fans!

Without any further ado, let’s get right into the chapter!

One Piece Chapter 1079 Spoilers:

The initial plot of One Piece Chapter 1079 involves a flashback centered around Vegapunk York, who discovers the World Government’s treachery and plans to eradicate her.

However, York has a strategy in place and is ready to face the situation.

It is disclosed that York commanded the Seraphim to execute everyone, except herself, Dr. Vegapunk (the main Stella body), and the Cipher Pol agents who were held captive in the underground laboratory.

She then instructed S-Snake to petrify her temporarily and undo it afterward. Additionally, it seems that York issued another directive to S-Snake, but the chapter doesn’t reveal it to the audience.

The flashback in One Piece Chapter 1079 concludes, and the scene changes to the present where S-Snake is seen flying to an unknown destination.

Meanwhile, the evacuation of Egghead Island is still ongoing, but a ship with the Blackbeard Pirates’ flag is spotted approaching the island.

The chapter then transitions to Elbaf, where the battle between Shanks and Eustass Kid has commenced.

Kid is shown battling against the captains from the Red Hair Pirates fleet, who are considered to be less powerful than captains from other Yonko fleets.

It is mentioned that they are able to survive in the New World thanks to the protection of Shanks’ flag. The Red Hair Pirates are still far from the battle, near the coast, and taking their time to approach.

In One Piece Chapter 1079, Lucky Roux tells Shanks to stay put and assures him that they will handle the situation. However, Shanks counters by reminding Lucky about Eustass Kid’s massive bounty of three billion Beri and warns him not to underestimate the potential growth of a young pirate.

Shanks inquires about any new information on Blackbeard from Hongo but is informed that they have none, except for Blackbeard’s departure from Hachinosu (Pirate Island).

Shanks expresses his surprise at Blackbeard’s absence from Wano, which he had anticipated.

Yasopp confirms that the Kid Pirates’ injuries from Wano are healed before Kid uses his Damned Punk as Shanks approaches the shore.

However, it is revealed that what appears to be Kid destroying all the ships of the Red Hair Pirates fleet and defeating all the captains is not real but Shanks’ Future Sight from his Advanced Observation Haki.

Beckman comments on how Shanks has seen “quite a future.”

In the meantime, Shanks is angry and aware of the amount of destruction Kid can cause if he lets him attack.

He decides to take matters into his own hands and leaps forward towards the Kid Pirates’ ship, using a powerful move called “Kamusari (Divine Departure)” in an impressive double-page spread.

This move is the same one that Gol D. Roger, the former Pirate King, used against Kozuki Oden in the Oden flashback.

In One Piece Chapter 1079, Kid is shown unconscious after being hit by Shanks’ powerful Kamusari attack. Killer, who tried to protect Kid, is also badly injured and unable to move, coughing up blood.

The rest of the Kid Pirates crew pleads for mercy and offers Shanks all the Road Poneglyph writings in exchange for sparing their lives. Shanks takes the Poneglyphs without saying a word and leaves.

In One Piece Chapter 1079, Dorry and Brogy lecture Kid’s crew, referring to them as “little humans,” and warn them that they should expect retaliation when they attack other people’s homes.

They then use the Hakoku Sovereignty, the same attack used in the Little Garden arc, to destroy the Victoria Punk entirely.

Kid and his crew are shown drowning in the sea, and the narrator states that the crew with a bounty of three billion Beris has been completely wiped out. The chapter ends here, with a break announced for the following week.

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