One Piece 1075 Spoilers Reveals One Of The Vegapunks As Traitor, Luffy And Zoro Team Up With Lucci And Kaku

Vegapunk Shaka believes that one of them is a Traitor

Lufy and zoro featured
One Piece

The spoilers for One Piece chapter 1075 are out, and the chapter reveals an important detail about the traitor while focusing on some world-building as well!

Disclaimer: These are spoilers from unofficial leaks of the chapter, please read at your own discretion.

One Piece 1074 Recap:

The title of the chapter references the 50 units of the new Pacifista released by Sentomaru to help Luffy.

The chapter starts off with Luffy and Zoro staying behind while everyone searches for Dr. Vegapunk and Bonney.

The scene then shifts to Bonney being trapped in a form of a memory world. She also sees a young Kuma being abused.

Then, Princess Vivi is confirmed to be alive as she is currently with Wapol and Big News Morgans.

Morgans is also discussing how wants to write about the Straw Hats kidnapping of Dr. Vegapunk.

So far, these are the only spoilers released so far!

One Piece 1075 Spoilers:

The chapter is titled “Labo Phase DEATH GAME”. Chapter 1075 starts off with Shaka trying to contact Vegapunk Pythagoras, but to no avail.

She then sees someone’s shadow on the monitor. But, the shadow instantly destroys all Den Den Mushi.

Luffy then realizes that all the voices in his headphones are gone as all communication has been cut off.

He then meets up with Shaka to see the monitors. The screens go black one after the another, leaving the two confused.

Shaka then states that there’s someone in the lab with them.

The Straw Hat Pirates and Vegapunks decided to divide into four groups.

Group one comprises Nami, Brook, and Vegapunk Edison. Nami also finds a treasure that contains artificial diamonds.

The second group consists of Robin, Chopper, and Vegapunk Atlas. The three end up finding artificial organs,

Group three is Stussy, Sanji, and Jinbei. They are walking through the weapons manufacturing area. Sanji keeps asking Stussy to keep him as her dog!

The final group with Lillith, Ussop, Franky, and York comes across the place where Pythagoras was attacked. Turns out, Pythagoras managed to survive by jumping his head out of his body in time.

York also finds S-Snake, the Boa Hancock Seraphim. She tries to pet her and Pythagoras tries to stop her but was too late.

S-Snake turns York into stone and then tries to attack others as well. However, they manage to jump downstairs to escape.

Meanwhile, S-Bear and S-Hawk, based on Bartholomew Kuma and Dracule Mihawk respectively break into the facility and attack everyone, including the CP0.

Shaka then orders the Seraphims to stop, but they disobey her.

Lucci and Kaku also wake up and ask Luffy and Zoro to form a temporary alliance in the meantime.

Lucci then asks them to take off their handcuffs, stating that they are more useful without them.

The chapter then ends with Luffy and Zoro making disgusting faces, the same as Oden.

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