My Hero Academia Chapter 426: The Todoroki Family Drama Finally Concludes!

Endeavor asks his kids do not need to contact him anymore!

BOKU NO HERO ACADEMIA © 2014 by Kohei Horikoshi/SHUEISHA Inc.

My Hero Academia Chapter 426 spoilers are here, and they finally give us the conclusion of the Todoroki family drama.

Titled The Hellish Todoroki Family – Final, the chapter begins with the entire Todoroki family reunited. Rei has serious burns on her face.

Fuyumi also has a few burn marks, and Natsu is seen with a new haircut.

Enji is all banged up.

Fuyumi says that Shoto didn’t have to come. Rei says that none of the kids did, and Enji says that Rei didn’t either.

Shoto replies that he has to come to fulfill his mission and that the same goes for the rest of the family.

The doctor says Dabi is slowly heading to his death and Endeavor tells him that he’s gonna retire from being a pro Hero.

Enji shares that he wanted to talk to Toya even before the war had begun. However, in his current state, he cannot move around on his own, The hero Endeavor burned to death.

Toya replies, “Oh, really? My Condolences. Giving me all your attention after everything’s over is easy, you coward.”

Enji agrees and says that Toya understands him very well. He continues, stating that Toya has been watching him this whole time and wanted his father to do the same.

During this conversation, the chapter shows several flashbacks of Toya.

Although Deku has said that Dabi isn’t the Endeavor, Enji says that the fact does not change that Dabi’s flames come from Hellflame.

He has been watching Dabi’s reveal video every day.

Enji then says, “So let’s talk every day from now on. I know it took me too long, but I want to talk to you.”

During this monologue, we see Enji drawn as Endeavor and Dabi as young Toya.

We hear the sound of Toya’s heartbeat measurement device.

Fuyumi and Rei also express their desire to talk to him, but the medical team requests that they stop today to avoid putting more stress on his heart.

Shoto then requests one more question.

He asks Toya about his favorite food; however, Toya stays silent.

As the Todoroki family starts to leave, Toya says, “Soba,” to which Shoto replies, “Same.”

We then see Toya crying and his brother’s name as he remembers their fight, and Shoto saying that their paths will cross even if by force.

After leaving the facility, Natsu says that he won’t be visiting Enji anymore.

He is going to marry his girlfriend, but they won’t have a ceremony, and he has no intention of introducing her to his father.

Enji says that he understands and apologizes once again.

Fuyumi has quit her job, but the mother of one of her students found her a new one.

Natsu says that Enji has already taken responsibility and can stop now. However, he intends to pay and apologize for his crimes for the rest of his life.

Enji expresses that his kids no longer need to be in contact with him and that he will do everything he can to ensure that none of them suffer the consequences of Dabi Scandle.

Natsu says that Enji is going to face hell. Enji replies that’s obvious, since he accepted Toya’s invitation to dance.

Natsu says, “That’s the first time in my life I’ve thought you were cool.”

Shoto gets into Natsu’s car to go back to school and tells Enji and Rei that he will be fine with Class A.

Endeavor’s sidekicks arrive, and Rei says, “Even if it’s hell, some people are still here with us,” as she shows a text from Hawks.

The message shows Hawks asking how the conversation with Toya went and asking them to let him know if they needed anything.

We then see Hawks talking to Nagant, and he’s shocked to hear that she wants to stay in prison for a while as she is afraid of being used again.

Hawks then says that he wanted her help, and Nagant says that they have to see how society responds to what Midoriya showed everyone that day.

Nagant jokes that she’ll be eating food funded by people’s taxes for a while longer. Hawks sticks his tongue out and calls her a villain.

We then see Gentle and La Brava shouting each other’s names as they cry, and a gorilla cop saying that their help has been officially recognized, so they are free now.

Back to Hawks, Rei replies to his text, saying that he is busy as the new president of the Public Safety Commission.

Hawks then asks him how things will change from now on and calls Mera on the phone.

In the final panel of the chapter, we see Spinner unconscious in a hospital bed and the door to his room opening.