Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 299 Spoilers: Yuta Unleashes His Domain

Sukuna confirms that Yuji can separate his soul from Megumi’s body!

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The spoilers for Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 249 are out, and Yuta unleashes his domain expansion, True and Mutual Love!

Disclaimer: These are spoilers and not actual releases. Please take them with a grain of salt.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 249 Spoilers:

The chapter begins with a flashback to when Yuta chopped Kenjaku’s head apart. As soon as Yuta chopped Kenjaku’s head, the cursed spirits went out of control. He then asked Rika to deal with rampaging cursed spirits.

However, Kenjaku was still alive, and his severed head was flying around. He asked Kogane to add the rule that Megumi Fushiguro should now have the authority to activate the merger between humans and Tengen.

Kenjaku then told Yuta that he had already created the backup plan and had also finished the ritual of inheritance with Sukuna.

The chapter then shows Tegen in the form of an embryo. Kenjaku sends it towards Sukuna, while Yuta peirces Kenjaku’s head.

In his final words, Kenjaku said that he was glad that the last person he played with was Takaba. However, he could not get thousands of years’ worth of fun from him.

He then ends with, “Now it’s your turn.”

The chapter jumps back to the present, where Yuta notices that Sukuna’s reverse cursed technique output is returning to normal. Yuta also understands that his ability to use Domain Expansion might also be return soon.

He blames himself for this as he laments that he should have joined the Sukuna raid team.

However, he convinces himself that it was necessary for him to kill Kenjaku. Otherwise, the cursed spirits would have been released, just like in Shibuya, and Rika’s presence was necessary to stop and save civilians.

Yuta swings his sword at Sukuna, but he grabs it effortlessly. He notices that Sukuna grabbed his sword without actually touching it. He activated his technique by wielding small slashes like a chainsaw.

Yuta lets go of his Katana and punches Sukuna’s stomach in his other mouth. He and Rika then begin their dual attacks on Sukuna. Yuta blames himself again for the situation they are in.

He wanted to finish Kenjaku with his own hands, which has led to all this.

Yuta then opens his domain, “True and Mutual Love.”

Sukuna uses the Hollow Wisket Basket to counter, but Yuta hits Sukuna by copying Uro’s Thin Ice Breaker.

He assures himself that he will kill Sukuna within his domain. Although his face is slightly hurt, Sukuna realizes their plan. After all, he knew Yuta from Megumi’s memories.

He calls Yuta the one with spirit possession, and his cursed technique is copy. Sukuna realizes Yuta’s plans to keep using Sure-Hit as a countermeasure while sealing half of his arms and mouth by having him use the Hollow Wisker Basket.

Yuta can keep using unlimited copies of other cursed users techniques inside his domain.

Meanwhile, Yuji will deal the finishing blow to Sukuna by using his ability to capture souls with his strike and separate Sukuna’s soul and Megumi’s body.

Sukuna then mocks Yuji, saying, “God for you, you have finally got yourself a role.”

The chapter ends here with the editor commenting, “The old and new main characters strike together!!” and there will not be any breaks next week.