Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 261 Spoilers: Yuta Has Gojo Satoru!

The editor comments, “The revenge match begins!” at the end of the chapter.

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Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 261 spoilers are out, and Yuta has used Kenjaku’s cursed technique and has come back as Gojo freaking Satoru!!

Disclaimer: These are spoilers and not official releases. Kindly read it with a grain of salt.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 261 Spoilers:

The chapter begins with Yuji deciding that he will crush Sukuna’s heart. Just as Sukuna chants Domain Expansion, he sees Gojo standing.

In disbelief, Sukuna wonders if it’s really Gojo, however, he dismisses the thought, saying that it’s impossible.

Just then, it clicks. Sukuna punches Yuji away and moves forward as he says,

“I apologize for underestimating you! I didn’t know you were capable of going this far, Yuta Okkostsu!”

And we see Gojo with the mark on his forehead, suggesting Kenjaku’s cursed technique.

The chapter then shows a flashback of Yuta deciding to have Rika devour Kenjaku and copy his cursed technique, allowing him to change bodies.

Maki objects to this idea, but Hakari is alright with the plan with one condition.

The condition he has is that Yuta will only use this plan when everyone has been wiped out and they don’t have any options.

Kusakabe asks if Yuta can’t just copy limitless, but Shoko shares that one cannot use limitless without six eyes.

Then Kusakabe asks to copy six eyes, but Shoko again corrects him by saying that six eyes are part of his physical body and not a cursed technique. So Yuta cannot copy it.

Maki asks, since Yuta can use the copy technique for only 5 minutes, what would happen after time runs out?

To which Yuta responds that he does not know.

Mei Mei shares the pros and cons of Yuta copying Kenjaku’s technique and shares the possibility that after switching bodies, Yuta might lose his cursed technique and may have to live in Gojo’s body for ever.

Yuta says that he knows that this is a last resort, so he will first try to defeat Sukuna with his own domain.

If he can’t, he will take over Gojo’s body.

Although Kusakabe calls it a good plan, he also thinks it is not humane.

Yuta snaps, asking him what he means by humane.

They are about to fight history’s strongest Jujutsu sorcerer. He further states that if they can win by throwing away their humanity, then they should even argue about it.

Yuta also asks if everyone is afraid of becoming monsters to fight Sukuna. Maki rebukes Yuta, saying that everyone is just concerned about him.

Yuta asks everyone about Gojo, asking if he is not important. He asks, Haven’t they already been pushing all the burden of becoming monsters on him alone?

Yuta asks him If Gojo is gone, then who else will be the monster? He then claims that if no one intends to, he will become the monster.

The scene then switches to Yuta sharing his plan with Gojo, to which Gojo replies that he is fine with that.

He further states that he does not intend on losing, and if that happens, then he does not care what happens to his dead body.

Yuta and Gojo talk about whether Yuta is a descendant of Fujiwara or Suguwara.

Gojo says Yuta might have been born under better circumstances than him. So if Yuta can’t take advantage of that, then he is totally lame.

Gojo then says: “Let’s start off with your sloppy cursed energy. I’ve always told you to be careful about that.

Gojo then asks his students to go away, as he doesn’t want them to see a bloody sight, especially since he doesn’t know what he’s about to do is right.

He then says that if he loses to Sukuna and all the old geezers are gone in the room, then Gakuganji will stand on top of the Jujutsu Headquarters.

If that happens, there won’t be any more chaos like the post-Shibuya incident.

Gojo then once again tells his students to go away, but they refute him.

Yuta tells Gojo not to try becoming a monsger by himself again.

Gojo then replies by saying that it’s something he can’t do. At that moment, he was left behind and had to catch up to him.

The scene switches again to Amai sharing his cursed technique. He can amplify the sugar within himself and output it in some way.

Shoko then put him in the medical team with Nita as support. The scene switches yet again, this time to when Yuta’s body was brought back to the medical team.

His body has been cut in half due to Sukuna’s slash and has been rushed to the medical ward.

Although Arata has used his cursed technique to prevent Yuta’s wound from getting worse, he thinks that it might be too late.

Yuta is conscious and thanks Rika, but he is also reaching his limit.

Shoko tells Yuta that she has already stiched up Gojo’s corpse, so Yuta has to activate the reverse cursed technique at maximum capacity and complete the body.

That chapter then jumps to the present.

The domain battle between Yuta in Gojo’s body and Sukuna began! The narrator says that Gojo has already shown the solution to Sukuna’s open barrier domain.

With a stunning double spread of Sukuna’s Malevalent Shrine and Gojo Unlimited Void, the chapter concludes.

The editor comments at the end, “The revenge match begins!!” With this, the series will take a two-week break.