Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 260 Spoilers: Gojo Satoru Cheats Death Yet Again!

Todo replaced his missing arm with an inntrument called Vibraslap!

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JUJUTSU KAISEN © 2018 by Gege Akutami/SHUEISHA Inc.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 260 spoilers are out, and Yuji has landed one more black flash, and Gojo Satoru is back!

Disclaimer: These are spoilers and not official releases. Kindly read it with a grain of salt.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 260 Spoilers:

The chapter starts with Todo revealing that his missing arm has been replaced with an instrument called Vibraslap!

Then the narrator explains that Todo changed Boggie Woogie’s activation from clapping hands to the collision of the metal piece and wooden box of the instrument.

Todo can now swap people a total of 50 times in a second. The fight began with Todo and Yuji simultaneously attacking, leaving Sukuna clueless.

We also learn that Todo imposed a binding vow to limit the number of swaps in proportion to the collision of the vibraslap.

Todo has successfully expanded the cursed technique targets to multiple targets and expanded the effective range of the technique.

The narrator also claims that Todo also successfully evacuated the sorcerers from Sukuna’s domain.

Sukuna then thinks to himself that out of all the sorcerers, he is the most self centered and difficult to sway. And he appeared at the time when Sukuna least wanted him to show up.

Just as Todo was about to land a kick, Sukuna dodged it and Todo made note that Sukuna can dodge mid-air.

Yuji then throws a rock towards the king of curses, and then Todo swaps the rock with Yuji, helping him to successfully land a strong kick on Sukuna.

Sukuna grabs Yuji’s face and attempts to slash it, but Todo swaps him again and continues doing so as Yuji tries to attack Sukuna from his blind spots.

He thinks to himself that Todo and Yuji are now like a roulette. Sukuna also realizes that Todo can change the maximum and minimum values of the number of swaps per single tap.

He thinks that it’s practically impossible to get used to Boogie Woggie.

However, he has figured out a way to read when Todo might swap. According to him, it’s precisely when Yuji’s focus peaks.

Sukuna thinks that Todo may fiend by not swapping Yuji and something else to trick his opponents. So he attempts to land a strong punch on Yuji.

But just then, Mei Mei’s crow appears, and Sukuna realizes his mistake of misreading Todo’s move.

Sukuna thinks that they swapped with Mei Mei’s crow, so he quickly twists to his blind spot and lands a kick. However, he got tricked again!

Todo didn’t swap their places at all. Yuji then easily lands yet another Black Flash on Sukuna.

After this black flash, Yuji pierces his claw hand into Sukuna and continues to brutally tear him apart with a demonic look on his face.

Even though Yuji’s hand has pierced his chest, Sukuna attempts to expand his domain, but just then he sees a mysterious silhouette.

The narrator then explains that Sukuna has witnessed him. The strongest ghost that Sukuna killed with his own hands.

The chapter ends with the eyes of the strongest sorcerer staring at Sukuna and the editor’s comment, “Those eyes are unmistakable.”