Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 255 Spoilers: Sukuna Is Back To Full Power

Sukuna has crushed Yuji’s hopes!

JUJUTSU KAISEN © 2018 by Gege Akutami/SHUEISHA Inc.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 255 spoilers are out, and Sukuna has crushed Yuji’s hopes!

Disclaimer: These are spoilers and not official releases. Kindly read it with a grain of salt.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 255 Spoilers:

We can see Miguel and Larue from Geto’s team from Jujutsu Kaisen 0. Both have joined the battle.

Larue has also retrieved Kusakabe’s body with his technique.

The chapter then shows a flashback of Yuta’s conversation with Miguel and Larue. Miguel rejects Yuta’s request to fight Sukuna, asking why he has to fight a monster who has the possibility of winning against Gojo.

Larue tries to convince Miguel, saying’

“I’m just asking you to help us deliver the final blow to the otherworldly being who’ll be burned out after fighting Gojo Satoru, Miguel-chan.”

Both Yuta and Larue try to convince him to join the fight by saying that fighting Sukuna is better than fighting the giant cursed spirit from the merger, as it could just stomp a whole country like Godzilla.

However, Miguel again declines, asking, “Why do you Japanese people think that chearful black people will just survive anything?

Miguel adds that Gojo should’ve come to him with his head down in front of him to request his help.

Yuta asks if Miguel wants him to do Degeza or something.

Larue and Miguel then talk privately. Miguel says he did everything because he wanted to follow Geto.

He also fulfilled his obligation to train Yuta because Gojo saved him.

So he doesn’t want to be involved with Japan anymore. Larue then says that he and Miguel should fight together with everything they have to give peace to Geto in Heaven. Miguel humorously states that Geto definitely went to hell.

During their talks, Miguel had put up a condition. He stated that he will only fight Sukuna after Gojo and Yuta lose, and on top of that, only if Sukuna cannot use his domain anymore.

He also wanted Larue to join him for the fight.

The scene shifts back to the fight, where Miguel and Larue notice that Sukuna can’t use his domain, that his RCT is weak, and that his heart isn’t fully healed. Larue then proceeds to use his CT on Sukuna, grabbing him and slamming the King of Curses into a wall.

Sukuna fights back, sending slashes towards them, but Miguel manages to duck and dodge between them with ease!

The narrator then explains that Larue’s CT is “heart catch,” allowing him to grab a subject.

Even if the imaginary hand used by the CT is destroyed, Larue can use the technique again. However, the only drawback is that 1/10th power of the finishing blow to the CT will be redirected to Larue. According to the spoilers, Sukuna isn’t amused by Larue’s CT, but is interested in Miguel. His CT is called “Hakuna Lana.”

Miguel’s CT helps his body catch a rhythm to dodge curses and enhance his physical abilities.

We then get a one-page flashback, where Gojo explains Miguel’s CT to Yuta. According to Gojo, Miguel’s technique brings out buffs and debuffs on himself and the opponent, respectively, without requiring a domain. However, according to Gojo, while it is a useful CT, it isn’t particularly scary. It is his physical ability that is frightening.

He further states that 99% of Jujutsu sorcerers are Japanese and usually rely on their CE to strengthen themselves, while Miguel has a rare skeletal structure and muscles, making him a bigger physical threat than a Japanese sorcerer.

However, Miguel claps back at Gojo by calling him racist, stating that Miguel is like this because it is him.

Gojo apologizes, and the two go back to chilling. The scene then shifts back to the fight, where Miguel grabs Sukuna’s arms and lands a punch on his torso, while Choso uses Supernova to attack Sukuna from the back! Yuji rejoins the fight as well, jumping on Sukuna and slamming him down.

We finally get an explanation for Sukuna’s world slash, as the narrator explains that Sukuna has to use the hand sign “Enmaten,” which he also uses for Malevolent Shrine. However, since Gojo left Sukuna with only one arm, he used a binding vow to use the attack without hand signs.

Now, after reverting to his original form, Sukuna has to use two hands to create the “Enmaten” sign with the incantation to activate the world slash and also has to set the direction of the slash with his hands.

While Sukuna is dealing with Yuji, Maki chimes in, slashing off Sukuna’s arm, who was hit by a black flash earlier.

Yuji is confident that he can take on Sukuna now, as he only has two right arms and can’t use RCT, meaning the fight is essentially theirs to claim now. However, the narrator hints that the way Gojo regained his RCT output with the second black flash, Sukuna might have done it too after landing a second black flash on Larue.