Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 254 Spoilers: Sukuna Jumps On Ui Ui!

Miguel joins the fight against Sukuna.

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Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 254 spoilers are out, and Sukuna has killed Kusakabe!

Disclaimer: These are spoilers and not official releases. Kindly read it with a grain of salt.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 254 Spoilers:

The chapter begins with Kusakabe using the New Shadow Style Simple Domain: Evening Moon Sword Drawing.

Sukuna recognizes the technique but wonders why Kusakabe is using it against him, who can send slashes flying.

The chapter shows Kusakabe’s monologue.

”Simple domains can be used against domain expansions to eliminate the sure-hit effect, but they don’t neutralize the cursed technique itself. Keep that aside; even though it’s a simple domain, it is still a domain.”

As Sukuna sent slashes towards Kusakabe, he brushed them off with his katana. He thinks that inside this domain, his cursed energy output is amplified, and Sukuna’s technique will get weaker.

Kusakabe then adds an automated system, which makes him capable of attacking whatever enters his domain. Even Sukuna praises him, saying that his reflexes aren’t bad.

Kusakabe has been dealing with Sukuna’s slashes by reading his sparks of cursed energy, motion and institution.

His domain further eases this work. But just as he was boasting his technique for surviving slashes by reading Sukuna’s motion, he was suddenly hit with another set of slashes, which he barely dodged. He realized that Sukuna had activated his cure technique with no motion.

We once again see an interview-style flashback where everyone praises Kusakabe.

Nanami calls him an expert swordsman with a wide variety of techniques, while Mei Mei says that Kusakabe is a useful man who can adjust to any given situation.

Gojo praises Kusakabe for having the simple domain’s trump card. Gojo says that a lot of beginners have to create binding vows to form a simple domain, but Kusakabe can establish a simple domain without any binding vows.

Miwa’s binding vow to activate her simple domain is that both of her feet should be grounded, or else it deactivates.

Kusakabe senses that Sukuna is about to expand his target of cursed technique to use world-cutting slashes and immediately expands the range of his simple domain.

Even Sukuna is surprised by this. Mei Mei says that usually when someone uses sword drawing technique, they lure their opponents in. However, Kusakabe extends the range of his simple domain and gets the oppponen inside his range.

He can attack whoever enters his domain automatically.

She also says that he is the type of sorcerer that she would bring to a deserted island.

Then comes a double spread of Kusakabe attacking Sukuna with a barrage of cuts. Regarding Kusakabe’s barrage attacks, Nanami says that he doesn’t know anyone who can block them very well, but he also knows someone who doesn’t need to.

After numerous attacks, Kusakabe’s katana breaks on Sukuna, but Kusakabe removes his overcoat and starts throwing hands.

He sends Sukuna flying with his kick and then chases after him. He thinks about why he is trying so hard again. This isn’t like him, but then he realizes that it’s because he is indebted to Principal Yaga.

Then the chapter shows Gojo, Nanami, and Mei Mei saying that Kusakabe is the strongest grade 1 sorcerer because he is super kind.

Kusakabe is then shown in a pose similar to Gojo’s during his honored one pose, as he tells himself to stop thinking nonsense as the kids fight with their lives on the line.

He then uses the Hazy Moon technique from his New Shadow Style. This technique forms an aura that takes the shape of the remaining part of his broken katana.

Kusakabe rushes to attack Sukuna, but Sukuna grabs hold of the sword with just two fingers and says, “You aimed for my heart, where I’m already damaged, huh. It’s so painfully obvious.”

In the very next panel, we see Kusakabe lying on the floor with his chest being slashed by Sukuna.

Ui Ui immediately arrives at Kusakabe, but Sukuna was waiting for Ui Ui’s arrival. As Sukuna sneaks up on him, he says, “You are starting to get annoying.”

Just as Sukuna was about to kill Ui Ui, Miguel arrived at the battle scene and rescued him.

Sukuna says to Miguel that he does not recognise him, to which Miguel responds,” You must live under a rock for not knowing who I am. These islanders need to sharpen their senses more.”

The chapter ends with the editor commenting, “Miguel, the man who fought Gojo Satoru on equal footing, joins the fight!?”

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