Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 251 Spoilers: Yuji Finally Wakes Up Megumi

Maki arrives at the scene and stabs Sukuna from behind.

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Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 251 spoilers are out, and Yuji has finally reached Megumi! But does Megumi want to be saved?

Disclaimer: These are spoilers and not official releases. Kindly read it with a grain of salt.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 251 Spoilers:

The Yuji-Yuta tag team continues their battle against Sukuna. Sukuna is shocked to see Yuta copy his technique.

He wonders if this was possible due to his last finger, which he was unable to find.

As the fight continues, Sukuna asks him if he really ate his finger.

Then he grabs a hold of Yuji and uses Cleave on him. Yuji coughs blood on Sukuna as Yuta uppercuts him. Then Rika slams Sukuna, right after which Yuji kicks his face.

Sukuna began to struggle to keep a hollow wicker basket. He begins to think of gambling his life on using world slash, as it would weaken his defense against Jacob’s ladder.

Yuta thinks to himself that Sukuna can’t use world-cutting slashes while using a hollow wicker basket, even if it requires only one hand to use it.

Yuta slashes Sukuna’s face, saying that he won’t let Sukuna go. He further says that Sukuna’s slashes have weakened, and he is no longer scared to get close to him.

Yuta then cuts off Sukuna’s arm, and suddenly, Yuji’s blood that was on Sukuna’s face explodes as Yuji uses Choso’s Supernova technique.

Due to Yuji’s Supernova, Sukuna loses control of the Hollow wicket basket and Yuta’s domain’s Sure Hit effect trigger.

The chapter then shows a flashback to where Yuji and Angel were discussing how Mahito was able to combine souls and turn them into other creatures.

Yuki mentioned in her book that you can beat the soul.

Hanna then says that Angel’s cursed technique targets other cursed techniques and erases the incarnation. However, it is not yet known what would happen to Megumi, as his technique involves the brain and the survival rate is low.

If they are able to pull two souls away from each other, then the survival rate will increase.

Angel’s Jacob’s ladder descends upon Sukuna. Yuji uses this chance and punches Sukuna.

Yuji successfully enters Megumi’s soul and stands in front of him. He asks Megumi to wake up. Sukuna utters, “dragon scales, repulsion, twin meteors,” and then slashes Yuta, Rika, and Yuji.

This destroys Yuta Domain, but then Maki arrives at the scene and stabs Sukuna from behind.

The chapter ends here with a preview, stating, The strike of the fierce srocerer without cursed energy.