Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 250 Spoilers: Yuta Can Use Sukuna’s Technique?!

Yuji’s reduces Sukuna’s cursed erenergy outpu and control over Megumi’s body.

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The spoilers for Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 250 are out, and this chapter completely blows the mind! You have to read it!

Disclaimer: These are spoilers and not actual releases. Please take them with a grain of salt.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 250 Spoilers:

The chapter cover features Yuta Okkustu!

The chapter continues where it left off last time. Yuta sends mini Rika Shikigami, but Sukuna defletcs them.

However, Yuji follows up with his punches. This is further followed by Yuta, using Uro’s space-bending technique.

As Sukuna prepares to face it, he analyzes that he still can’t use domain expansion and that his reverse cursed technique is dull.

Furthermore, Sukuna’s cursed energy pool is currently the same as Yuta’s, and he also cannot use his world-cutting dismantle while using the Hollow Wisker Basket.

Rika then launches Yuji like a missile towards Sukuna, while Yuta oreoares to him Sukuna with another attack.

Sukuna tanks Yuta’s sword; however, Yuji lands his kick on Sukuna, once again shaking up the king of curses’ soul.

Yuji is able to sense the realm between Sukuna and Megumi’s soul, and he strikes exactly there.

Yuji is trying to obstruct the tuning of Sukuna’s soul and Megumi’s body, trying to wake up Megumi’s soul, which has sunken deep.

Sukuna also realizes that every time Yuji hits him, his cursed energy output drops along with his control over Megumi’s body.

Yuta then, using cursed speech, freezes Sukuna and lands on him with Thin Ice Breaker again.

Without giving Sukuna time to breathe, Rika punches and thrashes Sukuna away. Yuta and Yuji immediately rush over and attack in a perfectly synced combo.

However, this time, Sukuna counterattacks by immediately sending slashes towards both protagonists and kicks Rika in the face.

He continues by also attacking Rika with slashes.

Sukuna states that to deal a fatal blow, he needs to touch and cut them. Not just because of his current low cursed energy output but also because they have improved their defensive capabilities.

Furthermore, Yuji’s learning of the reverse cursed technique, Yuta limiting his domain‘s sure-hit effect only towards Sukuna, is also the reason for his need to touch them at attack to fatally injure them.

Sukuna asks Yuji what he did in the past month, to which Yuji simply states effort and persistence.

Yuta follows by saying that they cheated.

He thinks that if Gojo had not left any lasting effect on Sukuna, they would have instantly died.

While Yuji is scared to even imagine what will happen if they do not stop Sukuna here,.

Yuta uses Charles’ cursed technique to peek into the future. It shows him evading Sukuna’s attack and evading him in the face.

He then began to count all the cursed techniques he had copied.

These include:

  1. Angel’s Jacob Ladder
  2. Uro’s space-bending
  3. Dhruv’s Shikigami’s
  4. Inumaki’s cursed speech
  5. Charles’ future sight

He realizes that Sukuna will only show an opening to a cursed technique that he is seeing for the first time.

Sukuna wonders if Yuta has copied Gojo’s infinity but discards it as it can only be used with the help of Six Eyes.

While using Uro’s cursed technique, Yuta bends space and pushes a sword through it, but Sukuna catches it.

As Sukuna catches the sword with an annoying look on his face, Yuta uses Sukuna’s cursed technique, “Cleave,” on Sukuna himself.

Sukuna’s face begins to get bombarded with slashes, and the chapter ends with the editor commenting, “Sukuna’s own slashes rain down on him.”

The series will not take a break next week.