Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 246 Spoilers: Yuji’s Plan To Rescue Megumi in Action!

Higuruma is the key to bring back Megumi!

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The spoilers for chapter 246 of the Jujutsu Kaisen manga are here, and Sukuna believes that Higuruma is as talented as Gojo Satoru.

Disclaimer: These are not official chapter releases but spoilers; kindly read them with a grain of salt.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 246 Spoilers

The chapter begins with Higuruma cursing himself for his lack of experience in battle, while Kusakabe uses a simple domain.

At the start of the chapter, the editor states, Sukuna’s cursed technique is still alive and well!! Jujutsu Tech is in a huge pinch!?

Sukuna begins to analyze. He states that everyone is using the basic cursed energy strengthening technique, and Yuji’s basic training has improved him significantly.

By using a simple domain, Kusakabe has managed to reduce Sukuna’s cursed energy, mitigating the the damage.

Although Kusakabe curses that he almost died, he notes that all these slashes aren’t the slashes that cut through the world.

Kusakabe wonders why Sukuna didn’t use the fire technique that he had shown in Shibuya, as it was strong enough to excorcise Jogo.

He then decides that thinking about it is a waste of time and assumes that Sukuna can’t use it now.

Higuruma apologizes and reveals that although they got the Sukuna death penalty, the confiscation was applied to his cursed tool and not his technique.

Kusakabe encourages him, saying that they can still kill Sukuna using the Executioner’s sword and that he will protect Kusakabe even if he has to die.

Choso attempts to attack Sukuna using piercing blood. However, the King of Curses disappears and suddenly pierces Choso with his two hands.

Ino follows up in an attempt to attack Sukuna using Nanami’s dull blade. Sukuna praises him, as the attack was stronger than he expected before kicking him away.

Next, Kusakabe and Yuji attack together, and Higuruma also swings his executioner sword.

However, Sukuna doges them swiftly, grabs Higuruma, and beats him up.

Sukuna throws Sukuna into the rubble and runs towards him. However, Yuji catches up, and someone from behind shouts, “Don’t leave Higuruma alone.”

Although Yuji tries to keep up with Sukuna, he fails as Sukuna is much faster. As Sukuna approaches Higuruma, he slashes the whole building Higuruma was in.

The chapter then jumps to a flashback, where Yuji shares his plan for saving Megumi.

Yuji states that the Higuruma cursed technique is effective for the idea of saving Megumi.

Higuruma explains that whoever is cut by the Executioner’s Sword will die, with no exceptions. However, the subject of death is limited to the person who received the death penalty.

Higuruma says that it has been proven that Judgeman can recognize multiple souls in a person. So, if Sukuna receives the death penalty, then they can cut and kill Sukuna without harming Megumi’s soul.

Yuji then asks, “Do you want to die, Higuruma?”. He adds that even though Higuruma cannot use the reverse cursed technique, he still plans to fight Sukuna.

Higuruma says that he believes that he should fulfill his role and die.

Yuji attempts to pursue him but fails to encourage Higuruma. Higuruma manages to survive Sukuna slashes, and Sukuna also realizes that Higuruma used domain amplification to achieve that.

The narrator begins to say that it has been less than two months since Higuruma’s awakening as a sorcerer. An abnormal growth rate that Sukuna was also fascinated by.

Sukuna was fascinated by the instant kill sword, which was brilliantly emitting light once again. He even compared Higuruma to Gojo as a gem stone that is filled with talent.

The chapter ends with the editor commenting, A genius, everyone who knows Higuruma whispers. The series will also be on break next week.