Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 245 Spoilers: Sukuna Escapes Execution

Hakari destroys Uraume

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The spoilers for chapter 245 of the Jujutsu Kaisen manga are here, and it does not look great for Higuruma while Hakari is destroying Uraume.

Disclaimer: These are not official chapter releases but spoilers; kindly read them with a grain of salt.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 245 Spoilers:

The chapter switches gears from the last chapter and begins with Hakari and Uraume. Uraume grumbles that she got separated from Sukuna and attacks Hakari with Frost Calm.

Frost Calm is the true essence of Uraume’s cursed technique, Ice Formation. It hits the target with cursed energy in a supercooled state and freezes them.

Editor comment at the start of the chapter: “Outside the Sukuna fight!! “The Hot Gambler” Hakari vs. “Frozen Star” Uraume!!!”

Uraume tries to kill Hakari, saying, “This is the end.” However, Hakari brakes down the ice, quickly graps Uraume’s face, and throws her away.

Uraume tries to attack again, but Hakari regenerates instantly, shocking the Frozen Star. She remarks that Hakari’s regeneration speed surpasses that of Gojo’s and Sukuna’s.

Hakari attempts to kick Uraume, but she holds his leg and freezes it. However, Hakari slips out of his leg and out of his shoe and kicks Uraume in the face, sending her flying.

Uraume says she will change her perspective on Hakari. She says that humans fear loneliness, which makes them weak, but Hakari doesn’t have that part of humanity in him.

So, Uraume says that she will stop considering Hakari a human anymore.

She states that she will crush Hakari with all her might, and Hakari responds, “I’ve been heated up for a long time!! Bring me an ice-cold one!!

The chapter then switches the focus to Higuruma’s domain and Sukuna.

The Judgeman says Yuji is accused of mass murder in Shibuya. Higuruma defends Yuji by saying that the true culprit is Sukuna.

Higuruma thinks of ways to uphold Sukuna guilty; however, Sukuna asks to get over the process.

He states that he already knew all about Higuruma’s domain when he was inside Yuji. Sukuna says that he is only interested in Higuruma’s sword and nothing else.

The Judgeman deems Sukuna guilty and announces both confiscation and the death penalty.

Sukuna smirks as he sees Higuruma equipping the Executioner’s sword. Higuruma assumes that Sukuna must have lost the Ten Shadows Technique’s functionality during his fight against Gojo.

The narrator then states, A chance to win! Missing this chance will not be forgiven.

As soon as Higuruma’s domain opens up, Into and Kusakabe join the battle. Huguruma then suddenly remembers someone saying, “Do you want to die, Higuruma?”

The chance Higuruma and others believed they had was nothing but wishful thinking. Higuruma’s domain’s confiscation applied only to Sukuna’s cursed tool and not his cursed technique.

Sukuna rains his slashes upon the sorcerers.

The chapter ends with Kusakabe and Huguruma being slashed by Sukuna’s attack. No break next week.