Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 239 Spoilers: Battle Against Kenjaku Begins!

The chapter is titled: “BAKA(STUPID) SURVIVOR”.

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The spoilers for chapter 239 of the Jujutsu Kaisen manga are here, and it shifts the focus to Kenjaku and Culling Games!

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 239 Spoilers:

According to the spoilers, the chapter is titled: “BAKA(STUPID) SURVIVOR”.

The chapter starts with a woman running away from someone and is angry at Kenjaku for the culling game. She believes that it is too cruel to give life to people by turning them into cursed objects, only to take it away from them again.

She then gets trapped by a Jellyfish curse as Kenjaku says “If its too tasteless, I’ll add more flavor, if it is too strong I’ll add more of the original. You people are like seasoning and water to me, I don’t have any particular feelings towards you.”

She tries to fight back, but Kenjaku completely seals her head, and says “Even though I don’t have feelings towards you people, I sometimes feel like you guys are too good to waste.”

Kenjaku then keeps talking, telling her that he applied cursed objects on the reincarnated sorcerers and a cursed symbol on the awakened sorcerers to track them.

Suddenly, someone arrives at the scene, and questions why bother talking to a dead person.

It is Hazenoki, a reincarnated sorcerer who worked with Reggie Star. Kenjaku then jokes around, talking about what qualities he needs in a friend.

The first is that they shouldn’t bore him, and the second is that they should be on the same level as him.

Funnily, Hazenoki refuses to be friends with Kenjaku because he’s had enough friends with long hair, possibly talking about Reggie.

Hazenoki then makes fun of Kenjaku by saying that Kenjaku talks to himself so much because of how long he has lived.

Kenjaku chimes in too, stating that his number of friends keeps decreasing.

He then asks Hazenoki to wait as the two watch Gojo and Sukuna’s fight and realizes that Sukuna evolved his cursed technique to defeat Satoru, and adds “Got a good looking face there”, possibly talking about Gojo.

Kenjaku starts talking again, explaining that he has left his curses at Shinjuku to check whether someone has left. He does so by looking at the total amount of cursed energy in the city.

He also adds that he knows the amount of cursed energy held by each sorcerer as well, further adding that Yuta is especially noticeable due to his vast reserves of cursed energy.

Kenjaku also shares sight with his curses, meaning he has CCTV cameras all over Shinjuku as well.

Kenjaku is now done talking as he attacks Hazenoki with his curses. The latter tries to retaliate but is overwhelmed by the countless number of curses attacking.

Before dying, Hazenoki asks Kenjaku about his true objective, and Kenjaku confirms that he wants to end the culling game by killing all the players and he’ll use that in the binding vow he made to activate the merging process of Tengen with all the people in Japan.

Kenjaku then asks a question, “Don’t you want to make sure if something you thought interesting is true or not? Isn’t that what living is all about?”.

Before dying, Hazenoki tells Kenjaku to look at his own poo every morning to satisfy his curiosity in a funny moment, allowing a seamless switch into the next character’s entry, Takaba!

Kenjaku is done talking it seems, as he instantly attacks Takaba, wondering why he’d come alone as Mei Mei isn’t monitoring Kenjaku right now either.

He then further states that he is only interested in Higuruma when it comes to awakened sorcerers.

Kenjaku is shocked when Takaba survives his attack and looks completely fine!

Takaba then says “You shitty monk, you tried to kill me!!! I’m not forgiving you!! Gonna get your ass in Jail!” and Kenjaku gets a bad feeling about this.

Kenjaku is extremely intrigued, stating “What was that… its the first time I’ve felt anything like this.. It wasn’t that there was no damage…It was like he made it so there was no damage….”

Takaba then states that there are a lot of things to be excited about, but the most exciting thing is when an entertainer who’s only supposed to match numbers takes over the whole show, and Kenjaku seemingly agrees as the two prepare to fight.

The chapter ends here, with no break next week.