Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 237 Spoilers: Sukuna Reveals His Original Form!

Hakari Kinji challenges Uraumme and releases his Domain Expansion!

Sukuna true form
JUJUTSU KAISEN © 2018 by Gege Akutami/SHUEISHA Inc.

The spoilers for Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 237 of the Jujutsu Kaisen manga are here, and Sukuna has revealed his true form!

Disclaimer: These are spoilers and not the official release of the chapter; kindly read them with a grain of salt.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 237 Spoilers:

The chapter starts with Kashimo entering the ring that is Shinjuku. As he enters, a figure standing aloof on a massive lump of ice also joins the battlefield.

The editor comments, “Battle vs. The Strongest. Thunder God Kashimo Enters the Ring!”

It is revealed that the one riding the ice is none other than Ice Star Uraume, but someone else has also entered the battle field.

They seems like they are planning to engage with Uraume.

It is none other than the one blessed by luck itself, Hakari Kinji! As he enters, he promises that he won’t leave Uraume alive and opens his domain.

In response, Uraume activates the Ice Formation against him.

Even after Hakari captures Uraume in his domain, the ice boulder continues to descend.

The boulder then melts, and Kashimo notices that the boulder dropped something in Sukuna’s hand!

It is a cursed tool “Kamutoke”, the cursed tool that Yorozu constructed using her cursed technique for Sukuna in exchange for a binding vow of death!

This is Yorozu’s gift to Sukuna!

Sukuna then launches an electric attack on Kashimo using kamutoke and says, “Good old times”.

Fortunately for Kashimo, his cursed technique has made him resistant to electricity. Kashimo then questions Sukuna,” Did you become the strongest? Or were you born as the strongest?”

Sukuna replies by stating that he doesn’t know, as he was an unwanted child.

Kashimo then asks how Sukuna interacted with others without knowing weakness.

He asks how Sukuna showed mercy or affection, as Kashimo himself couldn’t do so.

Kashimo explains that he saw all other humans as pieces of dirt.

He then asks Sukuna to teach him if Sterngth is to be alone and find a place to showcase your power. Or is it punishment for strong people?

Sukuna calls Kashimo extravagent and comments that even Gojo was the same.

Then he calls Kashimo to fight as he taps his head with his cursed tool.

The fight between Kashimo and Sukuna begins as Kashimo tries to land a hit on Sukuna using his staff, but Sukuna blocks it with his weapon.

Kashimo takes a step back and activates his cursed technique, Genju Kohasaku!

After landing a punch on Sukuna’s face, Kashimo sucks in air and blasts it towards Sukuna.

The narrator explains that Kashimo’s curse technique allows his body to be able to blast any kind of attack that Kahsimo makes with his cursed technique.

Kashimo then manages to land another hit on Sukuna’s face. His cursed technique enhances his agility, and the waves he blasts evoprates anything that gets touched.

To achieve this, Kashimo had to surpass the limitations of the human body.

Thus, once his cursed technique ends, his body will break.

The narrator then begins to explain that Sukuna has a secret method of reviving his original body only once without using the reverse cursed technique.

But Sukuna intentionally hates this method.

Sukuna then unleashes his original body, and then the narrator says, “The transformation of reincarnation has restarted.”

The chapter ends with the editor’s comment, “Manifestation of True Form.” The manga will not take a break next week.