Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 231 Spoilers: Gojo Decides To Sacrifice Megumi?!

Mahoraga has started adpting to Gojo’s Infinty.

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The spoilers for chapter 231 of the Jujutsu Kaisen manga are here, and Gojo may have forsaken saving Megumi!

Disclaimer: These are spoilers and not the official release of the chapter, kindly read them with a grain of salt.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 231 Spoilers:

The chapter starts with Kusakabe asking everyone if anyone’s been seriously punched by Gojo, to which Panda says he tried but couldn’t hit him.

Yuta then adds that he got hit with Limitless once, but not seriously, and Hikari then raises his hand.

Kusakabe explains that Gojo overlaps the effect of Blue, which sucks in things and enhances his fist with cursed energy.

Hakari adds that it feels like getting hit by something harder, although it’s just a normal punch.

Kirara asks if it hurts. Both Yuta and Hikari say that they threw up.

Yuji then shares his conversation with Nanami. Nanami told him not to compare himself with Gojo if Yuji wanted to aspire to be a sorcerer. He adds by saying,” Long Story short, it feels like ‘I can’t keep up with his shit’ “.

The chapter then focuses back on the fight between the strongest ones. Gojo continues thrashing Sukuna around. Later, he makes all the rubble around him get sucked onto Sukuna, but he survives.

Gojo then tries to crush Sukuna with his feet, but Sukuna evades him and tries to do the same.

Unfortunately for him, Sukuna suddenly creates multiple clones of himself, all of whom try to punch Sukuna simultaneously.

But Sukuna holds the real Gojo’s hand and punches him. This sends Gojo flying, and he grabs the traffic light signal and sits on top of it.

Mahoraga adapts when it receives an attack from the opponent, and the wheel spins.

Gojo noticed that the wheel turned black when Sukuna used the domain Amplification. He infers that while using domain amplification, it cannot adapt.

Gojo also understands that the reason Sukuna can use Domain Amplification is that the damage happened only at the part of the brain responsible for Domain Expansion.

Sukuna also notices that Gojo is only using simple techniques to avoid Mahoraga adapting Infinity.

The moment the traffic signal turns green, the fight resumes. Gojo pulls the traffic signal and throws it at Sukuna, but the latter throws it back at him at a high speed.

Meanwhile, other sorcerers are trying to predict how many more spins there are until Mahoraga adapts Gojo’s cursed technique.

This is quickly answered when Gojo starts talking to Sukuna as they casually walk around the city.

Gojo says that the wheel needs a total of four spins to completely adapt to his Infinity technique, and three spins are left now.

Sukuna laughs and says that it is a countdown to when he will wipe off the smirk from Gojo’s face.

Gojo then gives Sukuna a big, wide grin, showing all his teeth in their glory.

Satoru Gojo then Declares that he will kill Sukuna before Mahoraga’s wheel adapts to his Infinity in the next 3 counts.

Hana asks if Gojo has forgotten about Megumi, to which Yuji replies “Maybe”.

Kashimo says it’s okay to forget about it, but Hana says it’s not!

The chapter ends with the editor’s comment stating, “The countdown for “Dead or Alive” Begins!

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