Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 225 Spoilers: Gojo Loses To Sukuna’s Domain Expansion?

Sukuna’s Malevolent Shrine’s must-hit effect takes place and slashes Gojo’s neck.

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The spoilers for Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 224 are here, and fans are super hyped as we see some major developments in the Sukuna vs Gojo fight!

Disclaimer: As these are spoilers and not official releases, kindly take them with a grain of salt.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 225 Spoilers:

Leaving the battle between the two strongest, the chapter starts with a focus on other sorcerers watching the fight on various screens.

The commentator of the broadcast briefs that Sukuna is using domain amplification against Gojo to neutralize the infinity barrier.

Yuta remarks that it is the same method Jogo and Hanami used against Gojo, as was shown in Mechamaru’s video.

As Hikari does not understand how it works, Kusakabe explains that domain amplification is an upgraded version of a simple domain. Angle then says that when domain amplification is used, one cannot use their innate cursed technique.

Angel then says Gojo will get defeated if Sukuna has a way to bypass this restriction on domain amplification.

Miwa then questions why Sukuna is not using his domain expansion. Kirara then says, “You say it so easily, but it would finish the battle immediately.”

Yuji adds that the must-hit effect of the domain would bypass Gojo’s infinity.

Ui Ui asks whether Sukuna is assuming he would lose in a domain battle, but Shoko rebuts by remarking that with Sukuna’s wicked personality and the six eyes, he would have caught such thoughts of Sukuna.

Choso then adds that, according to Yuji and Inumaki, Sukuna’s domain has no barrier, which shocks everyone.

Miwa does not understand how a barrier-less domain works. Kusakabe then asks her to throw the water, so she passes the bottle of water to him. Kusakabe then returns the bottle, saying he asked for water.

Miwa then throws water, making Kusakabe angry. Mei Mei then says, “Barrier-less domain is like painting without canvas.”

Maki says that such domains are rare but not impossible; Megumi’s domain expansion was incomplete and lacked the barrier, but Kusakabe remarks that it is not the same as Sukuna’s.

In Megumi’s case, he had to use his environment since his domain was incomplete, but Sukuna has full control over his domain expansion.

Choso shares that Kenjaku also has barrierless domain expansion. He further informs everyone that Yuki used a simple domain, while Tengen dismantled Kenjaku’s domain from outside.

Choso remarks that Yuki simply stood no chance against Kenjaku’s domain, but if she had used her domain expansion, but gets interrupted by Ino.

Ino says that everyone is talking about domain expansion very casually, but it cannot be used often.

Okaka and Yuta translate Inumaki’s statement that Gojo doesn’t run out of cursed energy. Ino then says that using a domain expansion consecutively should be a different case.

Kashimo then adds by saying, “Sukuna is God-like when it comes to efficiently using cursed energy. If it comes to efficiency, Sukuna would have already won the battle if not for Gojo’s six eyes.”

Momo comes to the conclusion that both Sukuna and Gojo might not know what the outcome of their domain battle will be.

Just as she finishes, Higurum calls everyone and asks them to focus on the fight and see what has happened.

The chapter then cuts to Sukuna and Gojo both unleashing their domain expansion, and the fight between the domains begins.

The chapter then narrates, “Inside Gojo’s domain barrier, both Sukuna’s and Gojo’s must-hit effects overlapped and got cancelled.

But if either of them gets severe damage and collapses, the must-hit will affect the opponent in a split second.”

Kusabe and Mei Mei are shocked, and the chapter narrates, “Sukuna’s domain effect range reaches even out of Gojo’s barrier, and the barrier of the domain is…” Yuji completes the sentence by stating that a domain’s barrier is weaker against outside attacks.

When we see Sukuna’s domain relentlessly attacking Gojo’s domain, the domain eventually collapses.

As soon as Gojo’s domain expansion collapses, Sukuna’s Malevolent Shrine’s must-hit effect takes place and slashes Gojo’s neck.

The chapter ends here and will not take a break next week.

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