Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 211 Spoilers: Tsumiki Betrays Megumi?

Maki meets Yuji and Megumi, and Megumi reunites with Tsumiki

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Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 211 spoilers are out, and it is gaining some traction on social media as Kenjaku is taking bigger steps, shocking everybody in the process.

Disclaimer: These are unofficial spoilers, please take them with a grain of salt.

Chapter 210 Recap:

Chapter 210 showed the situation in Tokyo colony 1, with Yuji, Megumi, Hana, and Takaba figuring out Kenjaku’s motives behind luring the foreign military into the colonies.

The chapter also focused on Hana’s past, including her obsession with Megumi and Itadori’s protective nature towards Nobara.

Chapter 211 Spoilers:

Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 211 spoilers began with huge beams of light pouring out of all 10 colonies and attracting the attention of civilians, suggesting that Tengen’s merger with Japanese non-sorcerers will begin soon.

The spoilers return to the Tokyo No. 1 colony on November 16, where Maki meets up with Yuji and Megumi.

She informs them that Tengen was captured by Kenjaku. But, she also informs them that they were able to secure the back gate to the Prison Realm, which had been in Kenjaku’s possession.

The raw scans reveal Choso, who seems to have joined up with Kirara outside the colonies, mourning that “Noritoshi Kamo” had survived and the ground had been decimated.

However, Choso does not confirm Yuki’s death.

They then discuss which of the four rules they should add first. They decide to implement the fourth rule first, allowing players to be transferred between colonies.

the chapter also reveals Ui Ui speaking on the phone.

The implementation of the rule is finalized, but a set condition mandates that a participant must invite a new player from outside the barriers as a substitute, after which the participant may leave the barrier by spending 100 points.

Higuruma, Amai, Kashimo, Hazenoki, Noritoshi, Hakari, and Panda find out about the new rule.

Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 211 shows Megumi requesting Maki to bring Tsumiki to them so that she might exit the barrier.

Maki meets Ijichi while escorting the older Fushiguro sibling.

The manager tells them how Gojo had persuaded him not to become a magician in the past and suggested he become a staff member at Jujutsu High.

Raw scans show Tsumiki arriving at the Tokyo No. 1 colony on a rooftop where Megumi, Yuji, and Hana are gathered.

Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 211 spoilers end as Tsumiki refuses to exit the barrier with the points transferred to her.

Instead, she asks the kogane to add another rule, allowing her to freely enter and exit the barriers. A horrified Megumi asks a smiling Tsumiki who she is.

Source: anon translations