Jujutsu Kaisen 214 Spoilers: Megumi Is Alive, Itadori Fights Sukuna!

Sukuna knows that Itadori is Kenjaku’s son as well.

sukuna vs yuji
Jujutsu Kaisen

The spoilers for Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 214 are out. Fans have gone berserk with the new chapter as Megumi is revealed to be alive, helping Itadori fight Sukuna!

Disclaimer: The following article contains unofficial spoilers for chapter 214 of the Jujutsu Kaisen manga, please read at your own discretion.

Chapter 213 Recap:

In the previous chapter, Sukuna punches Itadori, sending him flying, and releases Nue. 

Angel then tries to use purification on Sukuna, damaging him. Sukuna then manipulates Angel by acting like Megumi. As soon as Angel comes in to hug him, he attacks her. 

Chapter 214 Spoilers

Jujutsu Kaisen where the last chapter left off, Sukuna easily bites Hana’s left off removing one of her wings and throwing her away. 

Itadori is on the ground unfazed by Sukuna’s punch. He blankly stares at the top. Itadori tries to reach the top of the building by first jumping to the neighboring building.

Sukunja upon noticing Itadori disgustingly says, “You were still here hah” and then the building roof crumbles as Yuji jumps off towards Sukuna shouting his name.

With an amazing double spread on pages 6-7, The Sukuna vs Itadori battle starts, and both are shown holding each other by their neck as Itadori charges his punch

In the next panel, we see a kind of explosion on the ground and Sukuna emerges from it dashing backward and suddenly a boulder (kicked by Itdatori) is right in front of him.

Sukuna is puzzled by itadroi’s strength and thinks, “What’s This? What is this Power…”.

With no time to dodge it, Sukuna takes the hit while Itadori grabs a pole and rushes toward him in an attempt to hit Sukuna.

Sukuna easily dodges it and kicks Itadri in the face and comments, “Kenjaku, you truly do the creepiest things”.

Yuji screams at Sukuna shouting,” You guys, why can’t you live normally!!”

Yuji Asks, “Why do you guys keep spreading misery?” and tries to charge at him but Sukuna instantly uses Cleave on Yuji and replies,” If you ask me, why are you guys so weak? Why do you cling to life even though you’re weak”

 Sukuna then says, “Weak creatures like you guys should just chew on the misery that fits your stature for your whole life.”

As Yuji hears Sukuna speak, he is filled with rage Yuji then says,” Then try chewing some misery on yourself.”

Sukuna starts a barrage of cleave on Itadori but he just keeps on moving forward despite the slashes.

Sukuna gets intrigued and moves his hand towards Itadori but feels something is off. He thinks,” What? Why is it so Hard to cut…?” and then his fingers suddenly freeze and Yuji lands a punch on him.

Then Sukuna realizes that his curse output is dropping as Megumi has been fighting back.

And the chapter ends with Sukuna saying, “Megumi Fushiguro you Bastard..”

The editor’s comment on the last page states “Fushiguro fights back from inside.”

The chapter’s leaks have been trending on social media, as people are excited to see the conclusion of this new plot twist!