Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 11 Spoilers: Himawari Is A Tailed Beast!

Boruto teleports behind Hidari and cuts his hand!

BORUTO: Two Blue Vortex ©2016 by Masashi Kishimoto,Mikio Ikemoto/ SHUEISHA Inc.

Spoilers for chapter 11 of the Boruto Two Blue Vortex have arrived, and it is mind-blowing!

The spoilers reveal that Himawari has super regenerative power due to Nine Tail’s chakra.

She then heals Inojin’s wound and asks Shikadai to let her fight alone.

With this, Himawari plans to find the reason why Jura is after her.

Knowing they stand no chance, Shikadai agrees. Jura compliments him for his wise decision and says that he won’t forget his name.

Chocho disagrees with this decision, but Himawari assures her that she should fight alone, especially after gaining this new power, so it is her responsibility to fulfill it.

Chocho then agrees to follow her plan in exchange for a pancake treat after this ends.

Jura says that they are not stupid but still make the wrong decision.

He continues to say that he warned Inojin, but he still endangered him.

At the same time, something awakened inside Himawari.

He wonders if it’s coincident or if there is some correlation between both events.

Then both Himawari and Jura continued their fight. They both fired a beast bomb.

Jura is curious about how Himawari is able to use the beast bomb and how rapidly she is evolving.

Then he headbutts her and kicks here, saying that this is the fight time he understood things.

It made him want to go all out.

Back at Hidden Leaf, Sarada and others are cornered by Hidari.

Hidari asks Sarada if the eyes she used before are called Sharingan and if the name of the jutsu he used earlier is called Chidori.

He then continues to say that Chidori is hard to use and needs Sharigan to completely master it.

Konohamaru asks Hidari about his relationship with Sasuke, but he says that he does not know who Sasuke is.

He further shares that he came to the village to find out about himself.

Sumire warned Konohamaru to protect Sarada but realized that Hidari came after her.

Jura uses claws to shock Sarada.

A random ninja tries to help but instead gets burned to crisps by Hidari.

Konohamaru attacks Hidari with Rasengan, but Hidari teleports behind him, and Konohamaru then uses a new move to protect himself from Hidari.

The new move is called Fuuton Rasen Shouheki.

Hidari then attacks Sumire with lighting, rendering her unconscious. Sarada gets in a pinch similar to Himawari.

Back at the fight between Jura and Himawari, Himawari gets hit by Jura, but her wounds heal.

Jura praises that her regenerative power exceeds that of a junchuriki and is much more akin to that of a tailed beast.

Even after all this, she has gotten weak because it takes tremendous chakra to heal such a wound.

Chibi Kurama then comments that even with such high potential, Himawari still doesn’t stand against Jura’s power.

The chapter then focuses on Delta and Kawaki, who are in the sky.

Delta asks what Kawaki will do to people who beat Boruto.

Kawaki replies by saying that his only option is to go after them. However, Delta still asks, What can he do?

Suddenly, Boruto flys past them to save Himawari.

Back to Hidari, he says that he didn’t know about himself, but the only thing he knew was Sarada in the first place.

So he asks, Who exactly is Sarada?

He wonders what he will gain if he devours her.

Sarada then notices a frog holding some kind of paper on a pole behind Hidari.

The frog on Boruto’s shoulder confirms that another frog has reached Sarada’s location, and the symbol is square.

Boruto then uses the Flying God Technique, teleporting just behind Hidari. He then cuts Hidari’s hand that held Sarada.

The chapter then ends with Jura saying, “What a tiresome trick!” and Hidari commenting, Otsutsuki… Boruto!”