Boruto Chapter 77 Leaks Reveal Naruto’s Fate?

Kawaki Seals Naruto and Hinata, and attacks Boruto

Viz Media

Leakers have begun spilling the beans for the upcoming release of Boruto chapter 77. Please remember that these are just leaks, thus should be taken with a grain of salt.

The official release of the chapter will be on January 19th 2023, released by Viz.

The leaks on Twitter are going wild as people are excited for the Twitter


In the previous chapter, Sarada Sumire were declared Konoha’s greatest weapon against Eida as they discovered themselves to be immune to her captivating abilities. Meanwhile, Momoshiki’s thoughts ran rampant inside Boruto’s mind once again, exposing to Kawaki that the fearsome Otsutsuki still existed.

BORUTO CHAPTER 77 SPOILERS: Kawaki Seals Naruto!?

Kawaki timeskip in Boruto

Fans are excited as this chapter finally reveals the truth behind Kawaki’s words about where he sent the Seventh Hokage, Naruto.

But first, the chapter is stated to begin with Kawaki abandoning his mission to house sit Eida and Daemon after sensing Momoshiki.

Meanwhile, Eida & Daemon go shopping, and she informs Shikamaru that Code is expanding his army.

Himawari’s True Power

Things begin to heat up when Daemon and Himawari meet for the first time. The young boy goes to attack Boruto’s younger sister, as he senses great ‘power’ within her. However is confused when she is seemingly none the wiser.

What could this ‘power’ be referring to? Is it a fragment of Kurama remaining? Or is it her powerful Byakugan that fans have been waiting for?

Himawari Byakugan

The End of Naruto!

The story then comes back to Kawaki who returns home to Naruto Hinata.

He explains how he feels guilt from killing Boruto. Not for killing his brother, but for failing to get rid of Momoshhiki. Thus he declares to kill Boruto once again.

Hinata begs Kawaki to rethink his plans, but he has no interest and opens a portal to teleport Naruto and Hinata to a separate dimension until Kawaki completes his goal.

Is this the death Naruto fans have been dreading most?