The Hardest Jujutsu Kaisen Quiz On The Internet!

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The Hardest Jujutsu Kaisen Quiz On The Internet!

Are you a Jujutsu Kaisen super fan? Test your knowledge with this extreme difficulty quiz!

1. What technique did Geto Suguru use against Okkotsu Yuta in the final fight of JJK 0?

2. How many students are enrolled in the second year of Tokyo Jujutsu High?

3. Which technique did Itadori learn from Todo?

Yuji and Todo Jujutsu Kaisen

4. What's the name of Jogo's domain expansion?

Jogo Jujutsu Kaisen

5. What technique does Gojo Satoru's Purple represent?

6. Which shikigami of Megumi did Sukuna kill?

7. How many brothers does Choso have?

8. How many Sukuna's fingers did Itadori eat by the end of the Shibuya arc?

9. Which cursed technique does Shoko Ieri have?

Shoko Ieri

10. Whose reincarnation was Itadori called?

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