The Hardest Attack On Titan Quiz On The Internet!

attack on titan final season
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attack on titan final season

The Hardest Attack On Titan Quiz On The Internet!

Do you consider yourself to be well-versed in Attack on Titan? Check your knowledge about the series with The hardest Attack On titan quiz on the internet!

1. Which Marleyan city contains an ‘internment zone’ for Eldians to live in?

2. How did Eren accidentally trigger his Titan transformation?

3. The two characters who used to hang out with Levi are Furlan Church and?

levi ackerman

4. Kiyomi Azumabito is related to which of these characters?

Kiyomi Azumabito aot

5. The Battle of Shiganshina District took place in what year?


6. In Eldian mythology, who granted Ymir Fritz the power of the Titans?

7. Who does Levi team up with to rescue Eren from the Female Titan?

female titan

8. What did Levi find in the false bottom of Eren’s basement desk?

9. What was the last gift that Kenny Ackerman gave to Levi?

10. What does the D in ODM stand for?

levi odm gear aot

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