One Piece: Can You Pass The Hardest Sanji Quiz?

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One Piece
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One Piece: Can You Pass The Hardest Sanji Quiz?

Sanji is one of the most beloved characters in One Piece. Test your knowledge with the hardest Sanji quiz!

1. If One Piece was set in the real world, which country would Sanji belong to?


2. According to the SBS, which animal does Sanji resemble?

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3. What does Sanji smell like?

Sanji 6

4. What does Sanji love to cook the most?

sanji cooking

5. What is Sanji's specific color?

6. Which Celebrity is Sanji's character modeled after?

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7. Which chapter of the manga showed a Sanji clone eating a lollipop?

sanji with lolipop

8. Which position does Sanji hold in the Vinsmoke Family?

sanji as a kid

9. How many times has Sanji fallen sick?

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10. Which of the following brand's cigarettes does Sanji smoke?

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