The Ultimate One Piece Quiz To Test Your Knowledge

Straw Hat Crew
One Piece: Straw Hat Crew

Take our quiz to see how well you know One Piece! Make Oda proud by answering these 12 questions.

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Created by Erika Coffey

How Well Do You Know One Piece?

There is a LOT to know about the juggernaut of a story that is One Piece. Can you correctly answer 10 questions that test your One Piece knowledge?

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1) How many poneglyphs are there?

Poneglyph of Skypiea

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2) What is the name of the sword Zoro most recently acquired?

Zoro parrying with his sword

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3) True or false: Luffy was the first straw hat to appear in the anime.

Monkey D. Luffy

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4) How many awakened devil fruit users have been confirmed in One Piece? (anime/manga only)

Charlotte Katakuri

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5) Who currently has the smallest bounty among the Straw Hats?

Wanted: Roronoa Zoro

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6) True or false: The Poseidon is a massive battleship with great destructive power.

A large Marine Battleship

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7) How many Yonkos were never confirmed to possess conqueror’s Haki?

Emperors of the Sea

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8) True or false: Gol D. Roger was executed in Logue Town

Gol D Roger's execution

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9) What was the first island the Straw Hats visited in the Grand Line?

The Grand Line shown on a map

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10) What is Chopper’s favorite food?

Chopper with heart eyes

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How Many Allied Kingdoms fought against the Ancient Kingdom 800 years ago?
The Great Kingdom

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12) Does Trafalgar Law like bread?


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