Can You Pass This Senku Ishigami Quiz?

Senku devil face
Dr. Stone
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Created by Harsh S

Can You Pass This Senku Ishigami Quiz?

Do you believe that you know Dr. Stone well? Then let's see how you do on this Senku Ishigami Quiz!

1. How did Senku stay awake the entire time he was a stone?

2. Which of the following modern show does Senku enjoy?

3. Which of one these games is mentioned by Senku?

4. What is Senku's Kingdom called?

5. Which of these is not one of Senku's Catchphrase?

6. What is Senku allergic to?

Senku Alergic

7. In which of the following Anime does Senku's VA, Yusuke Kobayashi not worked for?

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