Can You Pass This Rukia Kuchiki Quiz?

BLEACH © 2001 by Tite Kubo/SHUEISHA Inc.
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Created by Harsh S

Can you pass this Rukia Kuchiki quiz?

Do you believe that you know Bleach well? Then let's see how you do on this Rukia Kuchiki Quiz!

1. According to author Tite Kubo, What is Rukia's theme song?


2. What is the name of Rukia's Zankpakuto?

3. What was the horror comic that Rukia was reading in Volume 1?

Rukia scared

4. In which chapter Rukia was mistakenly shown holding Senbonzakura?

5. During her stay at the 6th Division prison, with whom did Rukia regularly converse?

Rukia in prison

6. What was the first location Rukia went with Kaien to train?

Rukia training

7. During her stay at Ichigo's house, whose clothes Rukia wore?


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