Can You Pass The Ultimate Attack on Titan’s Marley Arc Quiz?

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Attack On Titan
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Can You Pass The Ultimate Attack on Titan's Marley Arc Quiz?

Do you believe that you're a diehard fan of Attack on Titan? Can you ace this Marley Arc quiz?

1. What is the name of the island that the Eldians on Paradis live on?

2. Who betrays the Marleyan military and helps the Survey Corps infiltrate Marley?


3. Who kills Willy Tybur during his speech at the festival in Liberio?

will tybur

4. Which character is revealed to be the holder of the War Hammer Titan?

war hammer titan

5. What is the name of the new type of Titan that is introduced in the Marley Arc?


6. Who is the leader of the Marleyan military?

marely quiz

7. What is the name of the secret military organization that sends infiltrators to Paradis?

marley military

8. What is the name of the warrior candidate that Reiner becomes close to during the arc?

reiner braun marley quiz

9. What is the name of the country that Marley is at war with?


10. Who is the main character of the Marley Arc?

marley arc quiz

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