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Bleach: The Ultimate Retsu Unohana Quiz Is Here!

Retsu Unohana
BLEACH © 2001 by Tite Kubo/SHUEISHA Inc.
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Created by Harsh S

Bleach: The Ultimate Retsu Unohana Quiz Is Here!

Are you a fan of Bleach? Test your knowledge on the ultimate Quiz of Squad four captain Retsu Unohana!

1. What is the real name of Retsu Unohana?


2. What is the name of Unohana's Zanpakuto?


3. Why Unohana learned medical techniques from Tenjiro Kirinji?

Unohana and Tenjiro

4. After founding Gotei 13 alongside Yamamoto, she became the captain of which division?


5. As one of the captains of Gotei 13, what was the name Unohana carried?

6. What was the epithet Retsu Unohana gained after she was cast into Hell?

Unohana deadly1

7. Who killed Unohana?

Unohana death

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