Zenkamono Manga’s Last Chapter to Release On June 5

© Masahito Kagawa, Tohji Tsukishima, Shogakukan

The Zenkamono manga by Masahito Kagawa and Tohji Tsukishima will conclude in the magazine’s 12th issue on June 5, according to information released on Monday in the 11th issue of Shogakukan’s Big Comic Original magazine for this year.

The show centers on Kayo Agawa, a probation officer who helps ex-offenders get back on their feet and back into society.

The show centers on Kayo Agawa, a probation officer who assists formerly incarcerated individuals in their efforts to reintegrate into society.

In December 2017, the manga made its debut in the Big Comic Original magazine published by Shogakukan.

The fifteenth collected book volume of the manga was released by Shogakukan on December 27.

In January 2022, a live-action movie starring Kasumi Arimura as Kayo Agawa was inspired by the anime.

A six-episode live-action television series that debuted on WOWOW in November 2021 was similarly inspired by the manga. Japan have access to the series via Amazon Prime Video.

Source: ANN