Yona of the Dawn Stage Play To Open On July 20, Cast Revealed

yona of the dawn
© 草凪みずほ・白泉社/ミュージカル『暁のヨナ』製作委員会

On Thursday, the official website for the new stage play musical for Mizuho Kusanagi’s Yona of the Dawn manga revealed that the play will be shown at Tokyo’s Theather H from July 20-28.

The cast has been revealed as well:

  • Mirei Hoshina/Aya Akane as Yona
  • Keisuke Kaminaga/Ryо̄no Kusachi as Haku
  • Rui Kihara as Kija
  • Shion Yoshitaka as Sinha
  • Shō Katō as Jae-ha
  • DION as Jeno
  • Tsukasa Hiryū as Yun
  • Hisanori Satо̄ as Tae-Jun
  • Daisuke Yanase as Keum-ji
  • Shinji Rachi as Su-Won
  • Miyuki Tsurugi as Gi-Gan

Aoto Tani will write the script, and Tsuneyasu Motoyoshi will direct the musical. Masato Kamata will serve as music director and compose the music. Shinji Uchi will serve as choreographer.

The final stage production, which included DISH// band member Masaki Yabe as Hak and Nogizaka46 member Rina Ikoma as Yona, took place in November 2018 at Tokyo’s EX Theater Roppongi.

A stage version of it debuted in March 2016. Starring as Yona and Hak, respectively, were Risa Niigaki and Yūya Matsushita.

The Yona of the Dawn manga was first published in 2009 by Kusanagi, who is also the creator of Game X Rush, NG Life, and Mugen Spiral. On February 20, the 43rd volume of the combined book came to Japan.

A 24-episode animation and many original anime DVDs have also been inspired by the series.

Viz Media licensed the manga and describes the story as: “A red-haired princess loses her family and her kingdom—now she must rise and fight for her throne!”

Source: ANN