K-Pop Group Tomorrow x Together Enters The Wacky World Of Crayon Shin-Chan!

TXT will also appear in the Crayon Shin-chan manga that will be released on November 4.

TXT x Shinchan_2

Crayon Shin-chan will air a special episode on October 28. The episode, titled “TXT is Here,” will feature all five members of the Korean group TXT (TOMORROW X TOGETHER).

TXT x Shinchan_1

In the upcoming episode, all five members will voice their characters and interact with Shin-chan and his family, challenging them to dance to their song, Happy Fools. The group themselves dubbed the episode in Japanese and will also be recorded in Korean to aid TXT’s native audience. Here’s the preview for this special collaboration:

In addition to the TV collaboration, the group will also appear in the Crayon Shin-chan manga that will be released on November 4 on the official Crayon Shin-can website. This will have the group visiting the Kasukade city to meet the Nohara family.

TXT x Shinchan_2

A glimpse of TXT’s collaboration also surfaced on Twitter, which you can check below:

All behind-the-scenes of this feature will also be released on November 4th. Additionally, Weverse Shop and Futabsha Online Store will sell limited edition merchandise to showcase the collaboration.

TXT x Shinchan_3

Tomorrow x Together’s members had the following to share regarding their collaboration with Shin-Chan:

Soobin: Even though I really love Shiro, I was really happy to meet Shinchan’s entire family this time.

Yeonjun: We’ve prepared a lot more than just the anime! I hope you enjoy it a lot!

Beomgyu: It was my first time doing a voiceover for an anime, and it was a very new and special experience. We worked hard on it, so please make sure to watch it!

Taehyun: I was really shocked and happy when I heard that we were going to be on Crayon Shin-chan. I hope you guys enjoy it. Please look forward to it!

Hueningkai: I’ve been watching Crayon Shin-chan since I was a little kid, so I enjoyed this collaboration a lot. Please look forward to it!

Source: Comic Natalie, Twitter