The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic Reveals English Dub!

The anime will air on Crunchyroll on January 19

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On Thursday, the English dub cast for the The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic anime was revealed.

It was also announced that the anime will air on Crunchyroll on January 19.


The cast includes:

  • Usato voiced by Alejandro Saab
  • Rose voiced by Colleen Clinkenbeard
  • Suzune voiced by Alexis Tipton
  • Kazuki voiced by Matt Holmes
  • Lloyd voiced by Jim Jorgensen
  • Welcie voiced by Jill Harris
  • Tong voiced by David Wald
  • Alec voiced by Marcus D. Stimac
  • Mill voiced by Cris George
  • Gomul voiced by Anthony Bowling
  • Gurd voiced by Rudy Lopez

The Staff includes:

  • Voice Director: Caitlin Glass
  • Producer: Samantha Herek
  • Adaptation: Jarrod Greene
  • Engineer: Jamal Roberson

Crunchyroll describes the anime as:

An ordinary walk home from school turns into an epic journey for Usato.

After suddenly being dropped into another world with two fellow students, Usato learns he was summoned there by accident.

But things turn around when he discovers a unique aptitude for healing magic!

Now, he trains beyond human limitations, using his self-healing abilities to gain absurd strength and unrivaled stamina.

Source: Crunchyroll