The Witch and the Beast TV Anime Teaser Trailer, Cast And Staff Memebers Revealed

The Witch and the Beast TV anime will premiere in January 2024.

he Witch and the Beast © Kousuke Satake/Kodansha Ltd.

On July 13, the official website of the TV anime adaptation of The Witch and the Beast manga shared the English-subbed teaser trailer for the anime.

The trailer revealed the main cast and staff of the anime. The staff and cast revealed include the following:


  • Yo Taichi as Guideau
  • Toshiyuki Morikawa as Ashaf


  • Direction: Takayuki Hamana
  • Animation Studio: Yokohama Animation Lab
  • Character Design: Hiroya Lijima

The anime will premiere in January 2024 on TBS and BS11.


The anime is based on Kousuke Satake’s manga, The Witch and the Beast. Satake started publishing the manga in Kodansha’s “Young Magazine the 3rd” in November 2016.

In 2021, the manga was moved to Monthly Young Magazine, and the 10th volume of the manga was released in August 2022.

Kodansha USA publishes the manga in English and describes the story as:

Guideau: a feral girl with long fangs and the eyes of a beast. Ashaf: a soft-spoken man with delicate features and a coffin strapped to his back.

This ominous pair appears one day in a town that’s in thrall to a witch, who has convinced the townsfolk she’s their hero.

But Ashaf and Guideau know better. They have scores to settle, and they won’t hesitate to remove anyone in their way…

Source: Official Website