The Tokyo Ghoul Anime Announces Its 10th Anniversary Celebration Project!

The entirety of the Tokyo Ghoul anime will be available to watch for free.

TOKYO GHOUL © 2011 by Sui Ishida/SHUEISHA Inc.

The 10th anniversary of the Tokyo Ghoul anime is upon us, and the franchise has released the anniversary preview video and key visual on the official website for the anniversary.

(Tokyo Ghoul anime 10th anniversary celebration promo teaser)

(Tokyo Ghoul anime 10th anniversary celebration key visual)

Furthermore, in celebration of the anniversary, all 50 episodes of the Tokyo Ghoul series, which include 48 episodes from all three seasons and two OVA episodes, will be free on the official YouTube channel of Studio Pierrot.

Starting on April 5, every Friday, the next episode will be released on the official YouTube channel. This will include episodes from the following:

  • Tokyo Ghoul (12 episodes)
  • Toky Ghoul √A (12 episodes)
  • Tokyo Ghoul [JACK] (OVA)
  • Tokyo Ghoul [PINTO] (OVA)
  • Toky Ghoul: RE (12 episodes)
  • Tokyo Ghoul: RE 2 (12 episodes)

The distribution will be limited to 2 weeks after the release during the entire release period.

About Tokyo Ghoul:

Tokyo Ghoul is a Japanese dark fantasy manga series written and illustrated by Sui Ishida. It was serialized in Shueisha’s seinen manga magazine Weekly Young Jump from September 2011 to September 2014, with its chapters collected in 14 tankōbon volumes.

Studio Pierrot made its anime adaptation, with Season 1 airing from July to September 2014 and Season 2, titled Tokyo Ghoul √A, which follows an original story, airing from January to March 2015.

A live-action film based on the manga was released in Japan in July 2017, with a sequel being released in July 2019. An anime adaptation based on the sequel manga, Tokyo Ghoul:re, aired for two seasons; the first from April to June 2018, and the second from October to December 2018.

Netflix describes the overall plot of Tokyo Ghoul as follows:

In a world where ghouls live among humans, they are the same as regular people in virtually every way — other than their craving for human flesh. Shy Ken Kaneki learns that the hard way when he goes on a date with beautiful Rize, who is only interested in him to eat him.

After a morally questionable rescue, Ken becomes the first half-human, half-ghoul hybrid, which draws him into the dark, violent world of ghouls that exists alongside the world of humans.

Source: Tokyo Ghoul 10th anniversary website and Twitter account