The Noragami Anime Goes Free For Limited Time

Noragami anime will be released on フル☆アニメTV from February 17th to March 16th.


To commemorate the latest 26th Volume release of Adachitoka’s manga Noragami, both seasons of the anime will be released on フル☆アニメTV youtube channel from February 17th to March 16th.

Noragami started its serialization in Monthly Shonen Jump magazine in December 2011 and has released 26 individual volumes. Since September 2014, Kodansha USA has been publishing volumes in English.

Noragami has received anime adaptations for two seasons. The first season aired from January to March 2014 comprising 12 episodes and was made by Bones Studio.

The second season named Noragami Aragoto aired from October 2015 to December 2015 comprising 13 episodes and was also made by Bones Studio.

The synopsis of Noragami according to MAL:

As a relatively unknown minor deity without worshippers, Delivery God Yato takes on odd jobs for only five yen, with the goal of amassing a fortune large enough to buy himself a shrine. 

But in addition to obscurity, he has another problem: his “Shinki,” or weapon partner, has decided to resign, tired of being with a homeless god.

Left with no weapon, Yato takes on more jobs, hoping to find a new partner soon.

While outputting up fliers for a missing cat, Yato sees said cat and chases after him, right into the path of an oncoming vehicle. Hiyori Iki, a nearby girl, rushes to push Yato out of the way and ends up hurting herself. 

After waking up in the hospital, she discovers the incident has knocked her soul loose from her body. Realizing his actions caused this, Yato promises to help return Hiyori to normal—for five yen of course. 

But in order to return her to normal, he requires a new Shinki, which he finds in the rebellious spirit Yukine.

Noragami tells the story of a girl walking the line between two worlds, and a stray deity’s quest for a place to call his own.

Source: Comic Natalie