Shueisha’s V Jump Now Available In Digital Version

In 2019, the magazine took Boruto: Naruto Next Generation from Weekly Shonen Jump.

V Jump Magazine (Shueisha)

On 17 April 2023, Shueisha’s V Jump magazine surprised its reader with the 30th anniversary Project announcement. The magazine announced that the long-awaited electronic version of the magazine will now will available from 21st April 2023.

The digital version will start from the June extra-large issue of V Jump. The cover for the magazine will issue Avan and Hadler from Dragon Quest.

V Jump digi announcemt

V Jump is a Video Game magazine for the Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy series. Akira Toriyama, author of Dragon Ball also created the magazine’s mascot V Dargon, named via a reader poll.

The magazine has also published many shonen manga series such as Shadow Lady by Masakazu Katsura, the sequel of Weekly Shonen Jumps Dr. Slump titled The Brief Return of Dr. Slump by Takao Koyama and illustrated by Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru.

V Jump also serialized Yu-Gi-Oh!: GX, Dragon Ball Super, and Dragon Ball Heroes Victory Mission (Currently on hiatus). Recently in 2019, the magazine also took Weekly Shonen Jumps Boruto: Naruto Next Generation.

Source: VJump Official Twitter