Shonen Jump Plus Is Dominated By International Fans, Says Deputy Editor-in-Chief!

Momiya stated that almost 80% of the platform’s series are being published overseas. 

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On Monday, Momiyama, the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Shonen Jump+ App made an insightful comment about the popularity of manga online.

Momiya stated that almost 80% of the platform’s series are being published overseas.

He also adds that 30% of these series are apparently selling better overseas than in Japan!

In a continued tweet, Momiyama credited MANGA Plus for making manga accessible worldwide.

The Deputy Editor-in-Chief added that he initially believed that it would take at least a decade for the ratio between domestic and overseas circulation to become 5:5.

Additionally, he added that it isn’t uncommon for manga artists with overseas royalties to be ranked higher on Jump+.

In January 2019, Shueisha introduced the MANGA Plus platform to a global audience.

Initially, the service featured a collection of 50 titles, with 13 concluded ones.

MANGA Plus releases new chapters of ongoing manga series from Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, Jump Square magazine, and the Shonen Jump+ service simultaneously with their Japanese release.

MANGA Plus is free to use, but users can purchase the compiled book volume versions of specific mangas.

The first and last chapter of every serialized manga is free.

It has also been stated that a certain cut of the advertisement’s revenue goes directly to the manga authors.

During August, the service implemented a significant change by eliminating region restrictions for all languages.

This means that readers now have the freedom to select their preferred language from a range of options including English, Spanish, Thai, Brazilian Portuguese, Indonesian, and Russian.

Source: Momiyama on Twitter