Saint Seiya: Next Dimension Manga to Return for Final Arc In May

© Masami Kurumada, Akita Shoten

Akita Shoten’s Weekly Shōnen Champion magazine for this year’s combined 21st and 22nd edition confirmed on Thursday that Masami Kurumada’s manga Saint Seiya: Next Dimension – The Myth of Hades will make a comeback in the magazine’s 24th issue, which ships on May 16.

As previously reported, the manga will make a return in the early summer for the “climax.”

In June 2023, the series was put on hiatus.

With the release of the eight-chapter “Final Series Prequel,” the manga returned in April 2023 after a prior break. Since July 2021, the manga had been put on pause.

The manga has been serialized by Kurumada since 2006, and on May 8th, Akita Publishing will publish the fifteenth collected book edition.

In September 2022, Kurumada had earlier announced that the “final series” of the manga will consist of 16 chapters.

The first Saint Seiya manga was released by Kurumada between 1986 and 1990. Numerous television anime, original video anime projects, anime movies, and spinoff manga have all been influenced by the manga.

The Hollywood live-action picture Knights of the Zodiac, which was adapted from the manga, debuted in Japan in April 2023.

In Japan, the movie is called Saint Seiya: The Beginning. That May, the movie opened for previews in the United States.

Source: ANN