Ruri Dragon Manga Resumes Serialization From March 2024

Chapters 7 to 11 will be published on Weekly Shonen Jump till April 1. From Chapter 12, it’ll head over to Shonen Jump + to a biweekly schedule.

RURI DRAGON © 2022 by Masaoki Shindo/SHUEISHA Inc.

After being on hiatus since 2022, Masaoki Shindo’s Ruri Dragon manga is back and will resume serialization, starting from March 2024! The author himself took to Twitter on Feb 21 to drop the exciting announcement!

According to the information they provided, the manga will release chapter 7 in Weekly Shonen Jump issue 14 from March 4 and will continue to be published in the magazine until chapter 11 on April 1 (WSJ issue 18).

But starting on April 22, from chapter 12, the series will move to Shonen Jump+ and the digital version of Weekly Shonen Jump, where chapters will drop in every alternate issue (biweekly).

This is to facilitate the author’s health issues, which put the series on hiatus in the first place.

About Ruri Dragon:

RuriDragon is a manga series written and illustrated by Masaoki Shindo. It was originally a one-shot published in Shueisha’s Jump Giga magazine in December 2020, before being serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump starting in June 2022. Its chapters have been collected into a single tankōbon volume as of October 2022.

Myanimelist provided an overall summary of Ruri Dragon as follows:

Ruri Aoki is just another average high school student—until she wakes one morning to discover horns growing out of her head. Confused and unimpressed by the change, she shows them to her mother. However, her mother remains unfazed and reveals a shocking truth: Ruri is half-dragon!

Although Ruri has no idea what to make of this sudden development, she decides to go to school like normal, hoping that another ordinary day awaits her. But it does not take long before her best friend, classmates, and homeroom teacher all notice something amiss. Swarmed by people requesting to look at, feel, and take selfies with her horns, Ruri realizes being a half-dragon is going to be much more chaotic than she expected.

Source: Masaoki Shindo’s Official Twitter