Original Anime Ninja Kamui First Trailer Revealed

This will be the first anime produced by E&H Production, which is Sunghoo Park’s studio.

Ninja Kamui2
Ninja Kamui ( E&H Production and Sola Entertainment)

Directed by Sunghoo Park, the original anime Ninja Kamui revealed its first teaser trailer during San Diego Comic-Con.

Previously, Park directed The God of High School and Jujutsu Kaisen.

This will be the first anime produced by E&H Production, which is Sunghoo Park’s studio and is also working on the recently announced anime adaptation of Eiichiro Oda’s one-shot manga MONSTERS.

Ninja Kamui is being made by E&H Production in collaboration with Sola Entertainment.

Sola Entertainment is involved in the production of the anime adaptations of Rick and Morty and Shinichiro Watanabe’s Lazarus, along with studio MAPPA.

The Ninja Kamui anime was first announced in May 2022, featuring character designs by Takeshi Okazaki.

Okazaki has worked as the character designer for Summer Wars and is the author of the Afro Samurai manga.

The plot of the anime is as follows:

Joe Higan, a former member of a ninja clan, seeks refuge in rural America with his family to escape his violent past.

Unfortunately, his peaceful life is shattered when assassins from his former organization track him down.

They mercilessly attack Joe and his family as punishment for betraying the clan’s ancient code.

Presumed dead, Joe rises again as Ninja Kamui, determined to seek vengeance for his loved ones.

In a clash of ancient skills versus modern weaponry, Kamui, a 21st-century ninja, becomes an enigmatic figure.

His mission is to take down the very clan that once trained him, facing trained assassins, combat cyborgs, and rival ninjas along the way.

Source: Adult Swim’s YouTube Channel