One Piece’s Luffy Vs Kaido Breaks The Internet Again!

Luffy attacks Kiado with a fist as big as Onigashima itself.

Luffy vs Kaido FI
ONE PIECE © 1997 by Eiichiro Oda/SHUEISHA Inc.

One Piece Episode 1074 was released on September 3, and the recent development in the high-octane fight between Luffy and Kaido broke the internet.

This is the second time One Piece has broken the internet, the first being the reveal of Luffy’s Gear 5.

Episode 1074 primarily focused on the fight between Luffy and Kaido. It featured Luffy grabbing the lighting from the clouds and throwing it directly at Kaido.

The episode featured some really great moves from both, while Luffy was constantly jumping from lighting like some king rope. Kaido showcased why he is an Emperor of the Sea.

Highlighting how Haki is superior to Devil Fruit’s powers and noting the fact that Gold D. Roger, the King of Pirates, had no Devil Fruit.

Kaido then lands a powerful hit on Luffy, sending him flying to the clouds. The animators did waste a single frame showcasing the power Kaido had put into that attack.


Later, it is shown how Luffy grabbed Kaido just before getting hit. He tries to reel Kaido towards him. Of course, Kaido fights back and burns Luffy turning him completely black for the second time in the episode.

At the end of the episode, Luffy finally decides to end this fight and forms a gigantic fist. As Luffy moves his fist against Kaido, Luffy asks Momo to move Onigamshima away.

Yamato is stunned as Luffy attacks Kiado with a fist as big as Onigashima itself.

The scene featured a really beautiful panel with Luffy saying to Momo, “I trust you”.


One Piece fans showed their appreciation on Twitter. Many claim the episode to be the best One Piece episode by far.

While some showed how overwhelmed and joyed they were after receiving back-to-back amazing One Piece content. These include One Piece manga chapter 1091, episode 1074, and the recently released One Piece live-action.