One Piece: Luffy’s Gear 5 Is Coming To Theaters, If You’re In Spain!

The event will also feature all of Luffy’s previous gear transformations! 

One Piece

2023 has been a big year for One Piece fans, and it seems like we’re only going higher as Gear 5 is knocking right at our doorsteps!

Luffy’s Gear 5 is one of the most important moments in the series, and all fans of the series are excited to see it in the anime.

With Toei Animation going all out during the finale of the Wano Arc, fans have high expectations! Some fans decided that it will be a good idea to watch the moment in theaters, and it’s happening!

On August 6th, Cines Filmax is bringing Luffy’s Gear 5 transformation to their cinema!


Furthermore, the event will also feature all of Luffy’s previous gear transformations!

The theater describes the event as: “Do you hear that? They are the drums of liberation… He is already here! Experience a UNIQUE One Piece EVENT with the arrival of Gear 5 IN THEATERS! Given the demand, a new session opens.”

Unfortunately, Gear 5 will only be shown in Cines Flimax in Spain.

Source: Twitter