One Piece: Luffy has Finally Settled the Admiral VS Emperor debate

Luffy settles this years long debate in a single punch!

Luffy VS Kizaru Admiral vs Yonko
One Piece anime

Luffy has finally proved to us what it means to be an emperor. In the most recent chapter of One Piece, Luffy finally takes down the terrifying light-wielding Admiral in a single punch.

A commonly debated topic within the One Piece community is the strength of all the characters. And who would not want to see the pinnacle of piracy face off against the greatest military power of the Marines?

Oda decided that it was due time to settle this debate in the ongoing Egghead Island arc. As the newly crowned emperor, Luffy confronts Admiral Kizaru in a battle.

How the Fight Went Down

Initially, Luffy struggled as he employed Gear 4: Snakeman, but the Admiral remained nonchalant, making the situation seem dire.

But as we now know, Luffy was not even going all out as he was still holding back several techniques.

Luffy did not employ techniques like Advanced Conqueror’s Haki and Ryuo.

Luffy using Ryou aka Advanced conqueror's haki

But what truly turned the tide was the employment of Gear 5! But even then this was a tricky fight mainly because Kizaru had no intention of wasting time.

Kizaru’s mission was to eliminate Vegapunk and fighting Luffy would be wasting precious time.

Kaido had the intention of receiving the blunt of Luffy’s attacks for the sake of his honor. Whereas Kizaru tried to shake Luffy off his tail which wasted a lot of Gear 5’s time.

Because this fight was not a pure one-on-one it is harder to gauge how exactly they would fare going all out.

But that is where chapter 1094 of One Piece comes in as it finally ends this cat-and-mouse game.

The Results of the Fight

To say this was settled quickly is an understatement. After getting Kizaru to properly face him all it takes is a single punch!

Luffy one-shots Kizaru in One Piece chapter 1094

This attack is the first time Luffy uses advanced Conqueror’s Haki in this fight. This single attack settled the debate, the only reason this fight took so long was because Kizaru wasted so much time.

Kizaru saying that he would go to Wano and take care of Kaido AND Big Mom sounds funny now.

To further prove that the Admirals just cannot compare to the Emperors, Greenbull was sweating bullets just feeling the Conqueror’s Haki of Shanks.

This has proved that the Admirals just simply are not on the same tier as the Emperors.

Even before this, there was plenty of proof that the admirals could not take on the Emperors.

Whitebeard was rocking Akainu despite being old, sickly, and far from his prime.

Now that we finally know that Emperors easily win this battle we can put this debate to rest.