One Piece Live Action Accidentaly Confirms The Crocodile Is A Woman Theory!?

In the interview, Inaki, who is playing the role of Luffy, can be seen talking about Corocodile

One Piece

One Piece Live Action has become one of the most talked-about topics on social media since its release. The characters in the live-action are an important part of the series, and a recent interview on WIRED  featuring the main cast is making things more interesting!

In the interview, Inaki, who is playing the role of Luffy, can be seen talking about Corocodile, and Emily Rudd, the actress playing Nami is seen reminding him to not talk about it.

Many fans are speculating that Inaki might be referring to the popular theory about Crocodile’s true identity!

This theory started making rounds through the One Piece community during the Impel Down arc, where Emperor Ivankov managed to force Crocodile into a temporary coalition.

ivankov threatens crocodile

During that scene, Ivankov threatens Crocodile that he’ll reveal the former Warlord’s past if he declines to help!

Since he has the power to alter people’s genders, fans started believing that Crocodile was actually a woman!

Many fans took the theory to absurd levels, saying that Crocodile is Luffy’s long-lost mother!

The younger Crocodile’s design seen in an SBS drawing by Oda is androgynous enough to pass through as either a boy or a girl as well.

The Warlords as children, Crocodile in the middle

Crocodile’s Seraphim has a fairly androgynous design as well, adding some fire to the theory.

Fans are assuming that this is Crocodile’s original design:

crocodile woman one piece

Many fans believe that the live-action will build on this theory later, while others believe that it’s just a far-fetched shot.

Still, fans believe in Netflix’s adaptation, as she was one of the only characters that was focused on, including Shanks, Dragon, and Mihawk, even though she is a completely unknown character.

We know that Crocodile was present during Gol D. Roger’s execution, but we never saw how he looked back then!

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