One Piece Episode 1076: Luffy Finally Defeated Kaido!

The two clash for the final time

Luffy defeats kaido
One Piece

Episode 1076 of the One Piece anime aired on Sunday, and it had taken all anime fans by storm!

In the episode, we reach the climax of the biggest fight in the series so far, Luffy vs Kaido!

The two clash for the final time, as we see Kadio’s dream and his back story.

It is revealed that Kaido was raised in the Vodka Kingdom, a nation forced to steal from other nations to pay royalties to the World Government.

Kaido was already the strongest member of their army by the age of 10. Unfortunately for him, his King forcefully sold him to the Marines to earn the right to attend the Levely.

Kaido escaped from captivity multiple times, eventually catching the attention of Edward Newgate, who invited him to join the Rocks Pirates.

After the Rock Pirates disbanded, Kaido formed his own crew, the Beasts Pirates. Then, it is revealed that Kaido’s aim is to crush the World Government and nobility and usher in an era of endless war.

Kaidou asks Luffy about the world he wants to create before the ultimate showdown. In response, Luffy says he would make a world where his friends could eat whatever they wanted.

He punches Kaidou while still inside the flames, knocking him out and sending him tumbling to the ground.

After successfully completing their missions, Momonosuke and Luffy both rest as Kaido’s unconscious body falls into an abyss.

In a prior conversation Kaidou had with King, King had asserted that Joy Boy will overcome him, confirming that Joyboy is here!