One Piece Crowned The Most Watched TV Series of 2022!

Luffy standing amongst the key visuals for Wednesday and Stranger Things
Anime Balls Deep / Netflix

The Japanese Anime and Manga series One Piece is the best selling manga in history. It has sold over half a billion copies worldwide, making it only one of two stories, alongside Harry Potter to achieve this. It even outsold every single Batman copy combined!

Yet fans were in for a surprise when popular series tracking site, TV Time, announced that the One Piece anime ranked as the most watched series amongst their users. Beating the likes of Stranger Things, Wednesday, House of the Dragon, and even The Office.

It doesn’t stop there though. One Piece fans had even more happy news to celebrate, as protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy ranked third in the list of the most popular characters of 2022. Only losing to Eleven, and Wednesday Adams.

What was your top TV series of 2022?