Oda Reluctantly Agreed To Include Garp To The One Piece Live Action

Steven was asked if he had to convince Oda to allow a scene in the live-action. 


Steven Maeda, the co-showrunner of Netflix’s One Piece live-action adaptation recently did a comprehensive interview with Screen Rant, where he talked about the live-action in detail.

During the interview, Steven was asked if he had to convince Oda to allow a scene in the live-action.

Steven replied that his early inclusion of Garp was something he had to persuade Oda to allow.

This is because Garp wasn’t as present in the first 100 chapters of the manga, and Oda didn’t want Netflix to make any big changes to the story.

However, Steven stated that he wanted to show that Luffy and the others were facing high stakes, and Garp seemed to be the perfect fit for it.

Steven also explained that later on, Oda wanted to reveal that Garp was Luffy’s grandfather in the middle of the season, which would help shape his conviction to chase Luffy feel more understandable and natural.

Maeda also stated that it was generally very easy to make changes according to Oda’s wishes, apart from one more significant change.

Oda was strongly against including Arlong so early in the live-action adaptation of One Piece, as the manga took its time through the Baratie arc and more to finally introduce the fish man.

Maeda believed that it was important to set up Arlong as the main antagonist for the season to make things more interesting for the newer fans.

Source: Screen Rant Plus on YouTube